Friday, May 22, 2009

Birds Inside

I dreamed that there were three different birds inside my home. One was yellow, one was a female cardinal, and one was a male cardinal. The apartment was filled with these double-door a main door and a screen door. It made chasing them outside very difficult.

Mostly I tried to ignore that the birds were inside, because I have a really hard time with flying things indoors (bats, birds, whatever). But once in awhile I'd try and coax them outside.

At one point, the yellow one was perched on the outside screen door, trying to get outside but not quite making it. I stood about 6 inches from it and realized how tiny it was. I thought about how if I held it in one hand, I'd probably crush it. After I stared at it for awhile, it finally flew away.

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jx said...

yesterday we canoed under the interstate in these really long dark tunnels (2 of them). there were swallow's nests inside and as we passed they swooped all around. i was screaming and couldn't paddle because i was ducking down into the canoe. it was horrifying. shudder.