Friday, August 29, 2008

Such a Stupid Dream

I had a totally stupid dream last night.

I had a dream that I was writing a cover letter for a job application (something I've been doing a lot in real life). It was like I was sitting at a computer typing because all that I could see what the words on the screen. This is one of the first times that I could actually see words in my dream, usually they are too blurry. I kept writing sentences and read them out loud and realize they were really dumb and I had to erase them. One sentence was "I am writing this during my break." Yeah, they're going to hire me now. Such a stupid dream. It was really long too, I just kept writing sentences and deleting them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

both hands

I had a dream that I was at a party and someone said something (cant remember what) but I answered that

"women are not born they become women, its existentialism."

Suddenly this girl turns around. She happened to be this girl I went to high school with ahd she repilied
"you mean Ani Difranco?" She then tried to convince me that Ani had invented existentialism. We were arguing about it.

all off a sudden she was going to puke so I had to empty my purse and this girl from high school puked in my purse and it was all beer.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Bat Dream...Finally

I had an encounter with a bat in my apartment a couple of weeks ago, and I knew that I'd have the bat anxiety dream sooner or later...

I dreamed that my family and I (parents, siblings, a few cousins) were sitting around my current living room and a bat started flying around the room. Everybody seemed kind of bored by it. It would swoop by people's heads and they would duck slightly out of the way. I tried to remain calm/bored as well, but eventually I lost it a bit and started swatting it with a pillow. "This is what I keep telling you guys!" I yelled at my family. "This is how it was the last time this fucker was in here!"

I think my dad realized that I was somewhat distressed, so from his cross-legged sitting position on the floor, he reached up and slapped the bat. It was as if he was giving him a high five. Also, he was dressed in a plaid button down shirt and 70s-like pants. He was really skinny, even more than he is now. The bat fell to the floor and I covered it with one of my blue couch pillows.

About twenty minutes later, I lifted the pillow to see it. It was tiny, no bigger than my thumbnail, and kind of a beige color. "Oh," I said. "I guess it was just a moth."

Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Baby for the Totonchi Family

I stayed the night at Reem's parents house with her last Thursday. I proceeded to have the following dream:

Reem's sister Sara is visiting her parents house and she has this adorable, chubby, little non-white baby (the ethnicity is unclear..sometimes it appears to be black and other times brown) with her. Apparently she has adopted this baby and I'm holding it and making a big fuss over the baby because it's just so damn cute. It's a girl baby who is around a year old and she's only wearing a diaper, but she has white ribbons in her black hair. The baby's name is June. The Totonchi family is very excited about the baby because they never knew about it before and Sara is real nonchalant about the fact that she suddently has a baby.

So, I'm holding this baby June and suddenly my Aunt Mickey is there. She is insisting that she needs to blow dry Junes hair. So she starts blow drying her hair, but she's putting the blow dryer really close to the her head and, of course, it's too hot. I tell my Aunt Mickey that it's too hot for a baby and she's probably burning her head and she says "I did it to all of my kids, it's fine". So, I start putting my hand between the baby's head and the blow dryer to protect the baby.
So, I'm expecting the baby to cry, but it doesn't at all. The weirdest part of this dream is that I look at the baby's face and it's all contorted with pain from the blow dryer burning her scalp, but you can tell that she doesn't want to let out a peep, she WILL NOT CRY. Kind of like adults do, you know, when they don't want people to see them cry.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Three Pets

In my dream last night I had three pets:

1. an adorable little dog with floppy ears
2. a bright red billy goat
3. a "grasshopper" which was actually a cockroach

All slept together on my bed, and the billy goat threw up.

Good and Bad

I had two strange dreams last night. . .

In one dream Tom and I were driving through Illinois for some reason. We were passing through a town when I saw my little cousin walking across the street with his mom, only in the dream it was a neighborhood friend from my childhood- not his real mom. I waved to them and she waved to me, but had an upset look on her face. As we kept driving I felt bad because I've never actually met my little cousin, he is like 2, and thought maybe we should stop and say hi. So we turned around and drove to the school where they were. I walked inside and into a big gymnasium full of kids playing. I saw my Aunt over by the wall and walked over to her. She was really surprised to see me, but for some reason kept turning to look at the wall really close up. She would randomly point to little specks on the wall while mumbling something to herself. I turned around and all of a sudden my dad was there. He came up and gave me a big hug and we talked about how crazy it was that I was there since I live in Texas. (I don't know why we were driving through Illinois). I decided I better go outside and find Tom since he hadn't come inside with me. I walked down a stairwell and found my mom and Grandma were there. They were so surprised to see me as well. I told them I had to go find Tom outside. As I was walking outside my phone kept getting text messages from people with foreign last names and the text messages were in a different language. I got maybe 30 text messages in a row. I finally found Tom outside and he was on the phone. He told me he was really excited because he was meeting all these people from Africa and giving them our phone numbers. I got really upset and told him to stop because I was getting all these text message that I didn't understand! I started to get concerned about my phone bill for a second and then remembered my family was inside. I went back inside and was standing in a lobby with my dad, mom and grandma wondering where my siblings were. I told my mom I should have brought my grandma's birthday card with me instead of sending it in the mail, (which I had done in real life that day), but I had no idea I was going to see them. I kept thinking to myself how if I had just kept driving I would never have known that my family was there!

The other dream I had was more disturbing . . .

Tom and I were in our new house and talking about how there were some abandoned houses nearby. He said they were low income housing projects going up, but they were all unfinished. I decided I wanted to go see them so I got in the car and drove over to them. There were numerous buildings made of concrete with tons of windows. Everywhere on the ground was gravel. I drove around looking for any sign of people. I finally found 4 girls all in the same gray shirt shoveling gravel. I got out of the car to talk to them. They said that the government had abandoned the project so they were trying to finish it. I realized they were part of some organization. I asked if I could help them, but they said I probably wouldn't be able to do it. All of a sudden there was an ambulance and cop cars pulling up to one of the buildings. I walked over and saw that there was a man pointing a gun at a woman who was yelling at him. She said a bunch of stuff, but all I remember is that she finally yelled "They're all going to think I'm crazy, I'm not crazy!" or something like that and then he shot her. I got distracted by a big hole in the wall of the building, there was a pipe coming out of the hole and blood was spilling from the pipe. I walked around to the other side of the building and looked in through a window. I saw blood all over the cement ground and a dog walking by the window all bloody and scratched up. I looked around the room and saw there were two cops and two dogs in the room. I realized the cops were torturing the dogs with guns and knives. I was horrified by seeing this and realized I had to get out of this area. I went looking for the 4 girls I had seen, but they were gone. I walked around trying to find my car, but I couldn't remember where I parked it. I started to get really freaked out and kept walking around the buildings looking for my car . . .

And then I woke up . . .

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Oh my god.

I dreamed that Prince was the projected winner in the upcoming presidential election, and I was extremely concerned because in my dream he was still going by the symbol instead of his name, and I was super anxious because...

What the hell are we going to call him? President...what?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i was driving. there was someone else in the car. suddenly we were ambushed and several men came out behind a fence with guns and started firing. i looked down to see my belly had been shot several times. i was outside of the car at that point. my hands clutching the metal wire fence. and i thought to myself "this is it. the end of my life. i hope everyone knows how much i love them." and i kept repeating it to myself "i love them i love them i love them" over and over until i felt myself die.
i am a living example that you can, in fact, die in your dream and still live.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Close

I dreamed I was backing away from something and I backed straight into a man. I looked up and realized it was Ice Cube.

"Sorry, Ice Cube," I said to him. Then I wondered... "Are you sure this is Ice Cube and not Ice-T?"

No, I wasn't sure...

And so I cuddled up with him, real close.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dad's Dream about Vampires

While talking to my mother this evening she mentioned that my father was up half the night because he had a nightmare about vampires. Naturally I was intrigued. So Mom passed the phone off to Dad and he filled me in. So this is the dream that my dad had, told in the first person as in he's talking. I typed parts of this while he was telling me, so you should probably imagine an accent as you read this.

I was in Vampire Land and I was surrounded. At first the vampires were nice but then they were terrible and were doing horrible things and were changing shapes. And I had so many people to protect. But you know what I did? You know how I defeated them? The power of the mind. I just focused and the vampires would be so frustrated and then I would chop their heads off. I was the next vampire slayer.

But finally I had to get up and go to the bathroom and I was awake and I made myself stay awake because I had enough of this stupid dream. But I was exhausted from focusing so hard and killing all the vampires. So I laid awake until I was so tired and then I fell asleep again.

You know what's so interesting? The power of the mind. And how you can just focus and control others and beat the hell out of them.


I have a recurring dream in which I'm in high school and there either it's the first day or it's the last day and I haven't been to class all semester. Bored!

So alls I remember from my dream last night was that I got my class schedule on my first day of high school and I had all these ridiculous classes listed. Also, the last two periods were free periods, which meant I'd be done with school early. As I left school (early, I guess), I noticed two "jockeys" walking by me. That's what they were called in my head. "Jockeys." One was about 4'6" or so, and the other had to be about 3 feet tall. They both had pointy features, brown pointy beards, red jackets with goldish decorations and emblems, and hard riding hats. 


Saturday, August 16, 2008



If you're not sure who sharkie is, look at this wonderful video:

I was playing with him but then got nervous that I'd break him, so I gave him back to my sister. That's it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rats, Braless, Barack

Lori's dream about rats reminded me that I had a similar dream where there were rats everywhere - but they were more like cute animated rats, likely because I watched Ratatouille the night before.

For some reason I'm only remembering snippets of dreams this week:

- at some point of a much more involved dream, I realized that all of a sudden my bra was gone. My shirt was still on, but the girls were free and I remember folding my arms over my chest and scampering away. Yes, scampering.

- I was at a counter where this saleswoman was trying to get me to sign up for a new credit card. She was listing all the perks that come with it, tickets to shows, hotel discounts but also you get to train with Michael Jordan and live with Barack Obama.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


What is going on lately? So last night I was snuggled up in a stranger's bed. Not a complete stranger but pretty much. See, I'm dog sitting for this girl and her 8 dogs, 4 snakes, and slew of lizards. Yes I said 8 dogs and yes it IS a wonder I get any sleep at all. Oh, and really 3 dogs are hers and 5 are up for adoption . So, she and the hubby needed a vacation and I am dogsitting for them. I can't remember who all is allowed on the bed and who isn't so i let it be a free for all. So, back on topic, I was sound asleep. Or sound-ish asleep and having crazy horrible dreams about rats on me. They were slinky and scurrying on me. I awoke with a start and Hannah was squirming under the covers down by my feet and tickling my legs with her tail. HORRIFYING to wake up from a rat dream and have a critter at your feet. Hannah is awesome though so you should take her home. Winter is coming and she'll help you out with spastic snuggling!

Monday, August 11, 2008

It Got Him!

So for some reason I have a lot of extremely violent and gory dreams. More violent than any scarry movie I've seen or any TV show I've watched. Often people are getting killed. I don't know where these dreams come from as I can rarely make connections between them and to real life. They usually play like a movie. I am rarely in them, rather I am watching what is happening. This is one that I had last night, it's not as bad as some I have had.

It was night time and a man was running around outside of a house frantically. Two men were inside the house talking about how there is something in the town that is "getting" people. They see the man outside running around. They go outside in the yard to see what is wrong with him. He starts coughing and collapses on the ground. The two men walk over to him to see that he is convulsing on the ground and something is eating away at his body. Like parts of his body are melting away. They say "it got him!" they bend down to try to ask him questions. He smells so bad they have to plug their noses. "Did you see what it was?" The man who's body is decomposing in front of them shakes his head. One of the men says "I know you can't tell us his name, but what did he look like?" The man just convulses and eventually stops moving. The two men look at each other in horror.

Over in another part of the town a large group of people are coming out of a bar or building. There are two men walking ahead of everyone else in the group. They are all talking and laughing loudly when all of a sudden there is a loud noise and the two men that were ahead of everyone can't be seen. The group of people all stop and look frightened. They are looking around for them and calling out their names. All of a sudden they smell an awful smell and all start plugging their noses while they look around.

They finally come up to the two men who are laying on the ground in a pool of blood. The group of people start screaming and looking around. Out of the bushes comes a giant figure. A huge shadow covers them. They look up and see that it is a giant clown! A huge, maybe 30 ft tall, clown is standing over them in a red suit with white polka dots. He has a white face with red hair. He smiles at them showing he has huge sharp teeth that are all bloody. They look down and there is a trail of blood from where they are standing that leads off to the street where a huge clown car is parked. The clown car looks just like the giant clown's head, where the ears are the doors. They look back at the clown looking down at them . . . .

and then I don't remember the rest!!! I think my alarm went off! These dreams are usually really long and detailed and usually end with me waking up in the middle of the night.

it will just take a second

I had a dream that I was at work and I had to use the bathroom. the bathrooms at work are shared public bathrooms because I work in city building. So I go across the hall and I have to pee really bad. I decide to use the handicapped bathroom which is its own separate room with a locking door. I walk in and I see that the Janitors cleaning cart is in there but I decided that since I just have to pee I will just lock the door go quickly and the janitor will not be inconvenienced. So I lock the door and turn around to pee and all of a sudden the door is being banged on and the janitor is yelling that she needs to get in there to clean. I yell back I just need to use the bathroom I will be out soon. the janitor unlocks the door and behind her are all of these people gawking at the commotion. the Janitor is standing there and with all the gawkers behind her and I yell

"LOOOK I just need to pee then I will leave, I don't need the entire FUCKING CAST OF ROSEANNE watching me while I pee ok, close the door."

because as we all know calling people "the cast of roseanne" is really insulting.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Angel Singers Visit Me

I will preface this by saying that this might be one of the greatest dreams I have ever had.

I was at a bar with my parents, siblings and cousins that is near my cousin Layla's house. I've never actually been there but have always wanted to because I'm told that the menu is made up of burgers named after hair metal bands. In my dream though, none of the burgers looked any good- like the Mötley Crüe burger had cubes of ham on it. Gross.

I look up and see a small group of people in front of me; Neil Young is standing among them. I gasp and slowly move towards him. As I approach him I beckon to him to come in close so I can tell him a secret. I whisper in his ear

"You are one of my angels."

He looks into my eyes and says back, "because of my voice?" I nod. He then grabs me and and spins me around him in a giant embrace. He is beaming. I ask him

"Do you want to know who else are my angels?" He nods. I start listing

"Asdru from Ozomatli, Jerry Garcia, Perry Farrell, the Porcupine Singers... most importantly, Tom Waits..." Neil interrupts me and whispers close in my ear and says "Well, you're in luck then, darlin'."

I look up and on the little built-in stage Tom Waits himself is getting ready to play. My hands fly to my cheeks; I can't believe it. He plays two songs for us. He starts with "Cemetery Polka" and I just stand there staring at this madman 5 feet from me. I think he played a trumpet at one point which I don't think he really does in real life. My family is looking over at me smiling, so happy to see me so thrilled. My dad takes a picture of me.

Then Tom starts on "Who Are You", one of my very favorites of his vast repertoire. This song includes lines like "I fell in love with your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes", lines that I have often thought if any man ever says to me I will marry him then and there and live happily ever after.

Tom was singing directly to me and he sings the line "I did my time in the jail of your arms" and its like a skipping record, he repeats that line 3, 4, 5 times just staring intensely into my eyes. I can feel Neil behind me with his hands gently on my shoulders. And I smile through the tears that are spilling down my face, because now I know why we were whispering- this is our secret.

After he finishes the song, Tom mumbles something incoherent into the mic but I swear I can make out that he says something like "you heard the important part," and I know he was talking to me. And he ambles offstage and Neil follows him.

I bite my lip and start walking towards my smiling family.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Camp

I had a dream that I was working for a summer camp again. Somehow it was apparent in the dream that this was like a last ditch job I got stuck with. I was very annoyed to be working at a camp again. I boarded a yellow school bus that had my summer camp kids on it only to find there were only 5 kids in my group, I'd guess they were 7 year olds. No one else was on the bus. We were waiting to leave for a field trip. I had a magazine and my purse, but realized I had forgotten my water bottle so I was even more annoyed. I was also wearing a red over-sized t-shirt and really short shorts! (Yes Reem, just like MSCR) I sat down next to one of the kids and introduced myself. The kid had little interest in my so I rolled my eyes and started reading my magazine. I was wondering when the bus was going to leave because I wanted to run and get a water bottle before we left. All of a sudden a huge group of kids started coming towards the bus. They were all marching with weird things on their heads. When they got closer the counselor was leading the way and was one of those really hyper enthusiastic counselors. I realized that what they were all wearing on their heads were Lamp Shades. The counselor had the biggest one and it had fuzzy bobbles hanging off of it. When she got to the door of the bus she saluted me and started saying something in a really excited, dramatic way and then bowed. I didn't say anything to her, I just got up and walked past her and went into the school to try and find a water bottle.

I don't remember any more of the dream which I'm really bummed about because I know there were more interaction with the counselor. I just remember all the while I was really annoyed and looking for a water bottle. You can't go on a field trip without a water bottle!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Opening Ceremony

I dreamt I was about to be in the Olympics and I was getting ready for the opening ceremony. I was brushing my hair and it was entirely blonde. As I stared at it in the mirror, willing it to turn back to black, and as I combed it forward, it turned black, little by little.

That is all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I haven;t had many dreams lately and then all of a sudden they're all work dreams! YEESH! Last night we were on an architectural tour. we were looking at this cool building and every one of the architects was commenting on errors and poiting out problems. Someone went to sit on a tombstone, because conveniently there was a graveyard right there. They snapped it off and a panic ensued. Everyone was scurrying to prop the stone or lean it upright and then someone down the path yelled "lunchtime!" like it was the country and they held up a couple of big bags of doritos and shook them. DORITOS!!!!! I screamed and ran down the path to get some. I think I was hungry in my sleep. I dunno.

Pot like Moss

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend from a long long time ago came to visit me in my home which was in the south but not Atlanta. There were all these sick people around- people in wheelchairs, people on breathing machines, people in beds sort of desperately reaching for the ceiling and wailing. awful really. But it was this romantic setting (!!!) that he and I decided we were going to try to have a relationship again.

His appearance was alternating between the way he looked that first day I picked him up from the Greyhound station in Chicago 13 years ago (long hair, bandanna headband, soft skin and gentle eyes, carrying a picnic basket) to how he looked the last time I saw him about 3 years ago (short hair, grown up, more edgy and measured, still familiar and comfortable).

Then the house turned into his house instead of mine and I was getting ready to leave. While I was gathering my belongings I kept finding these enormous clumps of pot everywhere in his house- stashed in vases, on shelves, in flower pots, and I asked if I could take some for the road. He was worried to give it me but I assured him it would be fine. I took what looked like a clump of moss and wrapped it in a pink handkerchief I found in my purse.

Then I woke up and found that in real life, he had just left me a comment on my blog.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The panic of work dreams

I hate a work dream. I used to have them all the time back in my days of working in ye ole pizza shoppe. One time I was sound asleep, it was like 9am after a long night out or maybe I worked the night before. I'm usually an early to rise type so I must have been up late to still be sound asleep at 9. Well the phone rang and rang and I reached over and groggily answered it "Fellini's Pizza". The minute I said it i realized what I had done and of course it was my boss. I remember I was having a work dream and then it morphed into real life and the boss was calling to see if I could come work. And of course I never lived that one down. Last night I had a work dream- a very vivid one. But this time it wasn't for MY work! I was dreaming that I was sleeping (funny huh?) and I dreamt I woke up in a panic because Olivia got her schedule wrong. Oh no! She's on a mini vacation and she has to work the busser shift tomorrow! CRAP! In my dream I was frantically trying to get in touch with her to let her know to come home early but I could never reach her so I ended up going in to Savage Pizza to work for her so she wouldn't get fired or yelled at. I'm that good of a friend.
I'm not sure if dreamt is really a word but I dreamt horribly and now I'm having work dreams for other people?!!! No! Make it stop!

Snow and Macaroni

Last night I dreamed that I couldn't go to my Saturday morning meeting in Macon because there was a snowstorm. It's wishful dreaming- lamenting the awful smoggy humid 90-100 degree Georgia weather and the fact that I have to wake up early on a Saturday to drive an hour and a half to a meeting. So transparent sometimes!

Then there's the other dream last night in which my hair turned to macaroni and cheese and was all drippy and disgusting like Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs. Sick.