Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Blogs Collide: Beer Dream

I recently dreamed I found a bottle of DogFish Head "Theobroma" in a store. Many months ago I did see a special on the Discovery channel about craft beer and they talked to the head of Dogfish Head a lot and focused quite a bit on Theobroma. I blogged about this here.

In my dream I was ecxited to find it, and it cost $13 for a bottle but I did not care.
In real life I am excited for it, and they come out with a new batch this summer.

I feel like this is a big step in me becoming a true "beer geek" - visions of beer dancing in my head.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Night: Shopping, Orchestra, Late

I was supposed to play cello with my high school orchestra at 2:30. But I was also waiting for my bff to come visit from out-of-town. The recital kept getting postponed. So I decided to do some shopping for presents. I went into one store and it turned out to be a salon but they also sold really great belts and bags. I looked at some hot pink hair dye, thinking of presents for my bff, but it was $36.00 for a little tube. "Forget it!" I thought. Then I saw bags upstairs. One was in the style of the Mr. Men characters AND on clearance. I was so excited! But then it turned out to be a hat for a little kid. It would be too small. I walked into an athletic clothing store but it was too crowded. So I went to get something to eat. I wanted a veggie hot dog, but accidentally ordered a veggie burger instead. And it was $6! I was sad, as the veggie hot dog would have only been $3.50. The guy at the counter was very cute and alternative looking. He was a friend of my BFF, and I explained I was waiting for her. Then I remembered I had a concert to play! I checked my cell phone. The concert was post-poned until 5:30. Phew. I said good-bye to the nice guy at the counter and said, "I'll be back." His co-worker made fun of me, like, "Oooh, good to know you'll be back" but BFF's friend said, "No, she's cool, she's a friend." That felt cool and as I left I skated down the stairs like I was on skis and it felt really cool. I looked at 1 other store-front and saw my full name - first, middle, last - written in lights on their wall. I ran to look at it. Another girl did the same thing - she saw the same lights but it said HER name instead. As you get closer, you realize it's an optical illusion. "That's how they get you!" I realized. Inside the store were many exotic animals. Small tigers, miniature lions. I saw a little mammal eat a rabbit and got sad. The girl I walked in with got upset at this as well. Then I realized I was late for the recital. It was 5:30 now! Plus BFF was supposed to arrive and here I was dilly-dallying around the stores.

Friday Night: A long walk pantsless with Ellen and a Steak

It was very complex. It began by me shopping with my little sister for dinner at a grocery store. I bought a steak to cook her. But when I left the store, I couldn't find her! Even though she is now 17 in real life, in my dreams she is always a little tot. So I was very worried. I returned to the store to look for her. The cashier was puzzled. "Back so soon?" "I'm looking for my sister," I explained. I decided to walk home, and bring the steak to my sister. I was walking in East Grand Rapids, MI, where I lived in real life from about 1983-1990. The streets looked exactly the same. I was walking and walking and I felt like I was walking so slow! Then I realized my tight boxer shorts were constricting my movements under my jeans. So I took them off. "Ahh, much better" I thought as I could walk faster. But then I realized, I did not put my jeans back on. But my t-shirt was sort of long, so it was not too bad. As I was walking, I passed Ellen Degeneres. She smiled at me and said Hello. I was excited to see her but kept walking. As I was walking through an area with lots of trees, and older man who sort of creeped me out said, "You know that the earth is being destroyed due to acts of God, don't you?" I wanted to ignore him, but this statement made me so angry. I turned around and said, "You mean acts of MAN!" He smiled as though he had expected this, and walked with me. He was not creepy after all, which was good, particularly as I still was not wearing pants. I passed Ellen Degeneres again. This time she was busy shooting a scene or something and did not even bother saying hello to me. Bitch. By the time I got all the way home to cook my sister a steak, it was 5:30am. I realized that it was almost breakfast time, so the steak would be inappropriate at this hour.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whale Sharks and My Family

I was on vacation with my family - parents and siblings. We were on some beach that I think was maybe in Florida. We'd just arrived and decided to go swimming. There was this body of water that was like a combination of a lake and a pool, and there were four "whale sharks" swimming in it. They did not look like what real whale sharks do in real life...

...they were dark, almost black, glossy, and a bit bigger than a beluga. Although somebody told me there were four of them in there, I only saw three.

My father caught my attention and beckoned me over to where he was. There was a separate room with the "hot tub" in it - it was really just a smaller pool surrounded by large rocks and encased in glass, like a greenhouse. There was steam rising off the surface of the water. One whale shark swam in this water. My father was on the edge of the pool opposite from where I stood. Without speaking, he told me "watch this." He raised his hand high in the air and waved. The whale shark mimicked him with its tail. It imitated my dad so closely that it's tail changed shape; his tail looked just like a glossy, black version of my father's hand, five fingers and all. They were like mirrors of each other.

My father did many other hand motions, all of which the whale shark imitated with its tail. Very late in this whole production, I noticed that there was a third hand coming out of the pool, and it was the hand of a gorilla. I thought to myself "that's impossible, how could there be a gorilla under there?" Immediately after that thought, Emil confirmed it. "The tour guide told me it's true," he said.

I kept watching my father, wondering at how he could make the whale shark's tail do all these different formations. I was also very nervous about my father being so close to the water, since he can't swim (which has inspired other dreams). He got wet, but didn't fall in. He was wearing a suit.

Later, we were in my sister's front yard in Atlanta, where all of her living room furniture was placed in a very organized fashion. We were deciding what to give away. I chose a broken lamp. My father pointed a television remote control at nothing and a light turned on. It was dusk, and the air felt damp. The light was hazy and there were shades of purple everywhere. My mother sat in an easy chair and read. Everything felt very peaceful and calm.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pigs having wishes dream

So I had a crazy dream before I woke up today. I only remember it in bits and pieces, but it started off in this dog training building in a mall area. Kind of like where Olive Garden is at West Towne. It was all fenced in so the dogs couldn't get out.

Later on in the dream, inside the building, it ended up that Jacob worked there and he knew the secret way to get to the basement level. So I went into the ladies bathroom with him, into a stall, and he did a series of closing the stall doors in a certain order and the stall we were in started creeping down, like a slow elevator.

When we got downstairs there was a bar, and my friend Jo was randomly there. There was also a recording studio and an ice cream shop. (cause that's totally what would be in the basement of a dog training place).

Eventually the dream sort of changed and I was outside in this mountain clearing. Something that looked like the hills in Ireland. There were a group of us who were trying to not be found by this group of bad people. We had some livestock and a stream for water. A pig was giving birth, and we gave the piglet to this guy who had recently lost his wife in a battle with the bad people.

Someone decided that they would lower our shield of this ability to manifest anything we were thinking of, to try and cheer everyone up. But when we gave the piglet an orange, it must have wanted a lot more orange cause this gigantic one, the size of a car, was coming falling out of the sky on top of us. We dove out of the way to see that the other livestock must have been wishing for things too, because random foodstuffs were falling out of the sky.

All of the attention must have flagged the bad people to where we were, because they suddenly appeared in our stream-side clearing. Of course it would make total sense in my brain that random bad people would be lead by Tom, the bearded Other in Lost. We started battling it out with them. Throwing punches and using what we could to fight.

Unfortunately that's when I got woken up by the roommate. So I guess I'll never know if we beat them and the livestock got to live another day, having whatever they wanted raining down on them from the sky.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Upside Down Mouthpieces

I dreamed I was watching an orchestra perform. the orchestra was comprised entirely of clarinet players. Every one of them had their mouthpieces on upside down, and thusly had to hold their clarinets way out in front of them instead of close to their bodies as a proper clarinet player should.

I kept trying to tell them this before they started the performance, but nobody would listen. Dicks...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Classist Jerk

2 of my uber-politically aware student-staff members berated me for being "insensitive towards classism issues." It was SO realistic and I was SO happy to wake up. I promise, I am sensitive towards classism issues in real life.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock Star Failure

It's pretty vague but I had to perform a duet in front of a large stadium-style audience, I believe in an educational institution. The person I was performing with was a famous female rock star who looked an awful lot like the girl I went to prom with in real life. I got my cello. We both knew the song we were performing but as I walked out on stage in the bright lights I realized we had not practiced together. And we sounded like crap. It was more her fault than me. But I was really bummed out.

I went to my basement and sulked with a friend. This weird rock star girl sat outside my window smoking cigarettes and carving initials into a tree. I watched her, not thinking she could see me. But then she looked up and said, "I know you're watching me."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Castle Lobby

I dreamed I was trying to get dressed and get ready to go somewhere. I was putting on several outfits at once and was being incredibly indecisive about what to wear. It was really hot and I was all sweaty, so I decided to wear a skirt and tank top. I also remembered that I'd be going on a field trip to a movie theater, so maybe I should wear a sweater. At the same time, I worried about getting a sunburn on this field trip.

Once I thought I was ready to go, I looked down and realized I hadn't shaved my legs in a really long time. This was pointed out by some guy, and my mom tried to take a picture with an old fashioned camera with a giant flashbulb. I tried to hide my legs.

Then, as I was trying to pull on my tights, I was in the "lobby" of a castle. I think it was Buckingham Palace. There was a busy woman, who I assumed was the castle receptionist, on the phone answering questions faster than shooting bullets. It sounded like this:

April 19th. No. There aren't any. No. No more.

I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to answer the questions. At some point, somebody was saying how the princes were catching up in age to their father, so there was probably going to be some sort of competition to see who would rule all the land. I assumed they were talking about Prince Charles, then Prince William and Prince Harry, and that there would be a duel of some sort.

Then I got distracted by cases of jewelry - everything was really fancy, made of different jewels and fancy beads and silver. I assumed they'd each cost hundreds of dollars, but one pair of earring said $74 and one said $69. I found my favorite, black and silver with colors here and there, and my phone rang and I woke up. It was the prettiest part of the dream...


I dreamed I saw the city from an angle I'd never seen before. The building all looked different then usual, but in my head I knew it was just because I was looking at them differently; they were the same as always.

It was spring and I was outside and the air felt warm. There were a lot of red bricks. I may have been on the roof of another building.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

holy crap

on a dark and chilly day, i was downtown madison, southeast of the capitol, where there was a giant bus station. like in a dark, dirty, dank parking garage. i was lost and did not know which bus to get on to get home. i decided to walk. as i was walking downtown, i passed an alley and took a step into it and when i saw a bunch of homeless people loitering there, i turned back and walked away. i encountered a pimp who was in some way giving me a hard time when my friend marc showed up. the pimp shot me many times but the bullets didn't go through me but left small skin abrasions. i felt a large force of pressure each time but no pain. i walked home with marc and at his door when we were saying goodbye, i told him i'd like to give him a kiss to say thank you for rescuing me. he then started fidgeting with his cat's litterbox which was on a shelf nearby, scooping the litter and adding potato flakes to it. i remember being uneasy that he was touching it with his bare hands. eventually, his attention turned back to me and we kissed. he was the worst kisser ever. it was closed-mouth and he tilted his head left and right. i didn't say anything but felt bad for him to find out that he was such a bad kisser, which i never knew before. i feel bad for saying this now but i was relieved that it was closed-mouth so i wouldn't have to taste his cigarette breath. haha!!

next sequence...
i was with an old friend that i used to work at a group home with. we were at the home to visit one of the residents. we were in his room using his phone to call him. he was downstairs but we still communicated over the phone. i asked him for his cell phone number and he kept giving me his room phone number which i was already on. it was confusing. i later found out that the home had live-in staff now because the two people who became live-ins, did all the work anyway.

next sequence...
i was in some sort of class to learn how to interview people and be on tv. it was me and two instructors/coaches. i sucked at everything. i had to interview this woman (a personal friend who i didn't seem to know in the dream) and was given cue cards that had strange formatting so i couldn't really follow them. there was also a newspaper article written about this woman that i had to go on but did not read it until during the interview. i did not even know her name so made one up in the moment and my coaches praised me for thinking on my feet in a way that the viewer wouldn't notice that i had made a mistake. i learned that she had collected some rare antique by accident that was worth a lot of money. during the interview, the woman was drunk and drifted away from me, leaving me standing with the microphone not knowing what to do.

next sequence...
there was a house in the middle of the ocean, on a platform of cement that extended about a foot out from the house. the waves were crashing up onto the platform where i was sitting with another woman and a beautiful little girl. both of their hair was blowing in the wind and the water was a beautiful blue. it was a relaxing moment and i wanted to live there. soon, a barge passed and then a large boat full of children approached and the children were all smiling and waving at us. a small sport boat approached. the driver was some younger male who i thought was trying to show off. he flipped the boat upside down near some large rocks peaking out of the water. then some people were at the house with us, like a group of about 15-20 that seemed to be tourists. i heard one woman say she was from wisconsin so i asked her about it and she said that she used to be married to someone from wisconsin. she seemed bothered by my asking. then i was inside the house which had sort of a mod theme. the ceilings were low and so was all the furniture. lots of solid colored accents. my hub was with me and he was texting with his new phone and showed me this new feature where he could text with his number pad. wow. it blew my mind.

el fin.

i did yoga before going to bed last night so i blame that.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i was filling in for a day as nanny for kimora lee simmons' kids. but she didn't just have those two little girls. she had a house full of kids - a bunch of older boys all over the place. the house was huge but it wasn't decorated very well. the boys rooms were outdated and messy. kimora's husband was a pro basketball player and that's why they lived in madison (?). i talked with the girls for awhile telling them that i've seen them on tv and they were so sweet. kimora wasn't all bitchy and fabulous like she is on tv. she was pretty much a soccer mom.

later, my hub and i were living in the house i grew up in (the brick one) and we had a landlord. she came by and was in the yard for awhile and i watched her the whole time through the windows. i wondered if she had seen me but she didn't seem to for a long time. then, she looked me straight in the eye and flicked me off.

then my dogs ran away, just down the street and i yelled at them and they came back.