Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Boy Gangsters

there was a mean gang of children and they were marching down the road. they looked like characters from "newsies." one little boy who was walking along the side had been burned badly in some incident by the other gang members, on purpose. i felt bad for this boy. he wasn't as "bad" as the others in the gang...just misguided. as he was walking, he looked back and saw the main gang member being pushed by another member in an oven that looked like it was converted to be a carriage. the boy was surprised to see this and approached them to ask what happened. the boy in the oven-carriage was super mean and his face was all pussy and crusty from being burned. he told the other boy that it was none of his business and hocked two gigantic loogies at the other boy's face. that's the end but i got a sense of knowing that the nicer boy would die of infection from being spit on because of his burns.


Reem Tara said...

"his face was all pussy..." Did anybody else read this wrong? Hahaha...

NEWSIES?! I love that you dreamed about Newsies. But I do not love the depressing tone. I'm sorry. I hope you woke up not depressed.

jx said...

AAAhhHHHAAAAA!!@! i didn't even realize the double translation of puss-y. or would it be pus-y? anyway. i guess i could have said something like, mucusy. it is also not a word but gets the point across.

more than depressing, i woke up wondering where the hell this shit comes from. it might be because i recently looked up "skin graft" with google images without thinking of the potential repercussions. i was looking for a very clean, benign image of a section of skin, like in a lab environment. of course, i got images of people all burned the eff up, in need of skin grafting.