Monday, August 9, 2010

Mike Rowe sells me an F150 & a paid work bathroom

My work third floor bathroom has issues at the urinals in real life. Either men at my work can't aim at all or there's a slow leak or both. The point is, for a corporate 4 story building in a business area, it's really not up to snuff.

In my dream, however, to make matters worse, the urinals require a quarter to operate. The apparatus looks exactly like a video game slot. Even with the orange glow.

Shift forward sometime in my sleep, maybe even directly after leaving the smelly restroom. I'm in the middle of a vast field, it's overcast and the weather is moderate. And Mike Rowe is making a hard sell for me to buy som crappy merchandise that I can't recall for the life of me. But the hook was this shiny maroon F150 that we were standing in. Not only does it include one, but two of said crappy merch for a low,low price! Two, crappy plastic, whatevers and you also get entered to own this beautiful truck. Thanks Mike.

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