Saturday, September 20, 2008

(continuing foodsperiment)

I was on the top of some decently high building where there was an unknown man with a shotgun.  He shot me in the stomach before we even had an exchange or I could do anything.  It was impactful but not painful.  I reeled and wove to the edge of the building and he kept shooting at me, but missed each time.  But each shot hit an innocent bystander on the ground.  
I jumped off the building and landed safely on the ground.  There was a bystander lying bleeding much worse than me and his ladyfriend was screaming that it shold have been me that was hurt so bad, as if it were my fault.  I felt very sorry for her his predicament, but the shotgunner was up there somewhere so I had to keep going.
Grunting along under the stomach-wound, I had to hold my guts in.  But when my hand covered my abdomen it was fine and I realized I was dreaming...

[I ate a bowl of chicken enchiladas right before bed last night]

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