Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grappling Hook

Only a snippet of this dream poked thru the memory veil:

I was walking a dusty trail in The West.  Coming towards me was a wagon and a giant man walking alongside the horses.  He must have been 12 feet tall and well-muscled.  Without thinking my hand went to my gun, but he just looked down at me and smiled as he pulled back his duster to reveal the full-sized shotgun he had in his hip holster.  So I gave up on confrontation in my mind and he seemed to recognize this and dropped his coat back over his gun.  
Then, so quickly I am not able to see his movements, he whips out a grappling hook and swings it around his head a few times and launches it backwards without even looking and grapples the face off the driver.  This is not disgusting in any way as his face simply 'pops' off.  The giant laughs and I feel relieved.  Then I think "I'm not sure a grappling hook works like that,"  recognizing this as a true statement wakes me.


Sara Ashes said...

I love the ease with which horror and gore in dreams can be assuaged once the realization that something is not quite right- different than the feeling of the more panicked "this CAN'T be ral", more like a "that's silly! that doesn't work like that. and then you're free.

iurodivii said...

Yes, in fact, I was ashamed to post such a silly/horrific dream after your mother and cupcakes bliss. But then I realized something similar to what you stated, that seeing the horror in a dream dissipate is a worthwhile endeavor.