Friday, July 31, 2009

Living With My Friend's GIrlfriend

I dreamed I was standing in my apartment in Madison, only it was a different apartment than I live in now. It had a big, old looking, wooden bed with a quilt on it. The quilt looked like something you'd see in a real "American" bed and breakfast or something. Sort of like this, but not such a big pattern in the middle:

I was with my friend and his girlfriend, standing in the apartment, when I realized that this girlfriend was moving out of this apartment. I didn't even know she lived there! SHe had packed up most of her things already and would be gone that day.

I looked at her and my friend, and looked back at the bed, and wondered where she slept. I couldn't remember ever having shared a bed with her. "Did you ever sleep here?" I asked her. She smiled, but didn't answer me.

I also wondered where she put all her clothes, since I have both closets full of clothes and shoes and purses and junk (this is true in real life; I have two regular sized closets that are totally full). A door opened to another room I'd never before seen. It was like a dressing room and had all her clothes and a sewing machine inside. Off of that room, there was yet another room that had a giant furnace in it. For some reason, when I looked at it, I exclamined "We have laundry in here! I can't believe I didn't know that!" I was so excited because of the convenience, but then I immediately felt lazy since I did have laundry (just like in real life), it's just down in the basement. So lazy!

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