Monday, February 22, 2010


My dream this morning was so confusing. I was in my parents' family room, laying on the floor beneath two giant comforters; one was the black and white one I have here in Madison, the other was the rainbow-colored hearts one that Sara had on her bed as a kid and is now in my parents' storage room in the basement. I was half trying to sleep and half trying to find several electronics, including my gray hair dryer, my red cd player, and a few other things with long and tangled cords. Everything was all messed up and confusing under the comforters and I couldn't find anything I wanted - I was so frustrated.

During one of the moments in which I was trying to sleep, however, my mom entered the room through the door from the garage, all dressed in a smart black and white pinstriped skirt suit. She said "I'll be back from work around 10:45." But I couldn't figure out if she was talking about AM or PM, and whether it was AM or PM at the moment.

As I kept wishing I could sleep, I noticed that the rest of my family had entered the area. Dad stayed in the kitchen, reading the paper I think. Emil and Sara were both in the family room. Sara was cooking breakfast at the stove (which was also in the family room), which made me believe it was AM. She was also talking to herself a lot as she stared at the pan on the stove, saying things like "No, I won't have one. Okay I will. Just put it aside for me. I don't know, I'm not sure. Just get one for yourself. Put that one over there." I looked at Emil, confused, and asked why she was talking to herself. To which he replied "It's probably because she used to live at that Applebee's." Sara turned to us and said "Oh yeah, I remember, with like 5 other people."

So confusing.


Sara Ashes said...

did you eat ultimate nachos before bed, dear sissy?

and thanks for outing my stint at Applebee's to the world! i thought it was our secret.


Reem Tara said...

No, I had a bowl of Special K Red Berries! I thought it was pretty tame.

I know, but sometimes secrets are more hilarious when shared...

jx said...

so funny. i like the talking-to-self dialogue. so much internal conflict.