Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the ole college try and the perfect restaurant.

#1 I dreamed that Harrison Ford and I were in college together, and he was himself he wasn't any younger or anything. He and I were walking around trying to find where our dorms were and deciding on roommates.

#2 I dreamed that Linda (my partner) called me on the phone and told me to meet her at a new restaurant she found, which "serves both Italian and Mexican food, they also have a 'cheese selection'."! So I go to meet her and she isn't there yet, so then I also apparently LIVE in the back of this restaurant, and I have a girlfriend in addition to Linda and in my dream I am not troubled by this. So I go down this dirty hallway past the kitchen and go into my apartment. The room is dimly lit and there is a canopy bed with lots of heavy velvet curtains. My girlfriend is on the bed reading and she says "Well it wasn't that bad, it's for teens" referring to the book she was reading, which was Twilight.

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SophisticatedBrew said...

Pretty much I like everything about this dream.
Harrison Ford? Great.
Italian/Mexican/Cheese restaurant? Awesome. Several lovers? Aw yeah. And that summary of Twilight is fairly accurate. I like this!!