Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hacker Hate

I dreamed last night that some asshole hacked my blogs. I've been getting a lot of hate comments on 2 of my blogs (see Firebird and Reynoldstown Building) by someone who think I am someone else- specifically they think I am the artist behind the Blah Girl tag, which I am not, and state that repeatedly on my blogs. My guess is that this person is part of this group of self-proclaimed graffiti vigilantes who have even been known to hide in trees and jump out and attack taggers in Cabbagetown in Atlanta. Weird, huh?

Anyway, the dream was that this person had hacked into my account and taken down all the content and replaced it with really obscene, offensive statements about me. I'm sure that this is because even though I have stopped approving this person's comments he (I am 100% sure its a guy) still tries posting them. They are really crass, rude and attempt to intimidate me. But similar to his rating in our local weekly as the 5th Most Uninfluential Person in Atlanta, his attempts have been more irritating than intimidating to me.

In the dream I was really anxious about losing all my writing and photos and immediately started scrambling to see if i could recreate it all. I think I might back up my blogs this week.

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Lori said...

The guy posting is probably the guy who hates taggers and jumped out of the tree to stop them tagging. He's a good guy. Just a little over focused on his hatred for tagging.