Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bags in the Toilet

I am having the grossest dreams lately. Ugh. So last night I dreamed this:

"It's finally time to take care of this toilet," I thought to myself. What I needed to do: remove two plastic bags that had been lining the inside of the toilet. Apparently, one had been lining the entire toilet bowl under where the water goes. And the other was fixed so somehow everything that got deposited into the toilet went into this bag. These were plastic shopping bags, by the way. Like what one might get at the grocery store.

Removing the first bag was easy. I just sort of pulled it out. But that second one...ooh, it was in there good! I started pulling on one of the handles, hoping it would all just come out magically. Instead, all this pee splashed everywhere, got on me, and everything sucked. NOT sexy results, I tell you. No way.

After I got the bag out, the toilet started to overflow. Of course. Water and pee were everywhere. I remember feeling very defeated and half-hearted as I picked up the soggy bath mat and hung it to dry. Waa waa!


Sara Ashes said...

oh god! you need to eat somehting delicious before bed or something to counteract these gross dreams. I suggest strawberry milkshakes. Or mango sticky rice. Or a Reese's.

Reem Tara said...

I've been eating pickles! And tonight it will be tofu pad si ew. Get ready for more grossness.

Sara Ashes said...

of course you have been eating pickles. that toally makes sense.

Reem Tara said...

I like when we dominate the comments. SISTERS!

jx said...

i kind of hate toilets. except ones you win.