Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fire Alarm

a dream i had a month ago

i roll into a parking lot in a white scion x-a, like the one vic has. i leave my stuff in there and take a walk on a road that looks similar to roads on the east coast. i see eli there and we stop and chat about bikes. i continue walking and get on a school bus where i am teased and brought to tears by three girls on the bus. i get off the bus at a school where my whole family is. i tell them about how i was bullied and they try to comfort me. an alarm goes off and everyone is told to go to the basement of the school. animals have taken over the school. specifically puppies, some cats, a bunch of those little monkeys, but we fear the over sized chimps. we start pulling down the ceiling tiles inspecting for the animals. i help bring down one of the little monkeys. it sits on my shoulder and wraps its tail around me in a non-threating way. like it was scared too. at this point, this is the first time i ever remember smelling something in my dreams. and the little monkey on my shoulder smells TERRIBLE. and i cant wait to get it off me. while pulling down more ceiling tiles we accidentally find a chimp asleep. someone with a tranquilizer comes and gets him in the palm of his foot. a call over the speaker, we are allowed to return to the rest of the school. but we get up there and there are still animals all over the place.

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