Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pony Party

I dreamt I was at this party in a warehouse. Scott from the Onion was on the phone, taking a call from his boss, and learning he had just "got the job!" We had to be quiet though, so as to make sure he still had the job officially.

I go outside and there are all of these cars pulling up full of people. One, I think it was a Chrysler LeBaron without a roof, held four people in the front seat. Two sat in the front middle; Zach and Sean. They were both red-faced and laughing and wearing all fluorescent colors. When I saw the colors, I asked " this a pony party?" They laughed and replied "Of course it's a pony party."

There was a police raid. People lit off fireworks on the side of the warehouse to try and distract them. People were being searched. I slid out the side door and joined the pony party and somehow got out of getting searched.

Then I'm in my high school with Sherin, who is my "group leader." The other person in my group is Daniel, the brother of an old friend of mine. Daniel won't talk to me. He has a lip piercing, only it is a stud and spells out the name "Bill" in gold cursive letters. It's long and awkward and doesn't look right. Bill was the name of his father who passed away (in the dream. In real life his name was Steven and he did die). Sherin, in her attempts to moderate and make us get along, persuaded me to tell Daniel the story about my father and pacha (Middle Eastern "delicacy") and the restaurant at the top of the hotel. I have no idea what this story is, but it worked and Daniel laughed and we were able to work together, and Sherin sighed and checked something off on her clipboard with the attached pen, and we walked up the main stairwell.


Anonymous said...

wow. glad to know i'm an organized control freak in other people's dreams and not just real life.
but more glad to have a place in your sub-conscious.


Reem Tara said...

No way, you're just "super organized." Yeah, that's the ticket!

Sara Ashes said...

pony party? of course it was a pony party.