Saturday, June 21, 2008

Squirrels and Magic Wands

This is a dream I had back in April.

Tom and I were doing something outside in the back yard. I'm not sure what prompted this but we decided to tie a squirrel to my bird feeder and send it up into the air (like a balloon). We tied him on to the top and let him float up into the air. There was no balloon, I just let go of the bird feeder and it floated into the air. We watched him float slowly up into the air criss crossing the sky in long sweeping movements. We watched him float slowly up through the trees. I commented to Tom that his silhouette looked funny against the sky, like the stereotypical squirrel image.

I then realized that I wouldn't get my bird feeder back and started to regret sending it up in the air. It was the bird feeder Tom got me for my birthday. Then Tom and I started to go after it. We started walking after it and then all of a sudden we were floating. We started to float into the air and after the squirrel and bird feeder. We followed the squirrel at a distance and floated slowly up past the trees and up into the sky. We went higher and higher after the squirrel. We saw planes go by and moved higher past them. I looked down and saw that we were now above a huge lake. The squirrel then started to float back down and we started floating down after it. We got closer and closer to the water until finally we dropped in.

I swam my way to the surface and saw that I was floating in the midst of tons of black and white magic wands. Like the kind magicians use. I looked around and saw Tom splashing in the distance. Further in the distance there were big planes on the water too. Finally I saw the bird feeder in the distance and swam over to it. I grabbed it and Tom and I started swimming for the shore. We go to the shore and sat there looking out onto the water of magic wands and planes. I asked Tom if he saw the planes we passed in the sky.

And that was it.

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Reem Tara said...

Oh my god I remember you telling me about this! The magic wand stuff is hilarious.