Monday, March 16, 2009

Couch surfing

I was in San Fransisco. I was there with Becky. And with my old friend from high school, Barbara. I think there were other people there from high school too. Maybe Kristin? Not sure. We got to San Fransisco and my guide was like "oh man, you have GOT to see this!" So we walked down the road and then I could see in the distance some running water and a couch floating on it. The water was on the side of the road. Like, it was built there. Kind of like a water ride. Where you sit in the boat and go down the roller coaster kind of ride. But the boats were couches. And there was all sorts of different couches that you could sit on. So we hopped on one and that's how we got a tour around San Fransisco. On a couch. In the water. By the way, I've never been to San Fransisco, and I think the city that I was modeling it after was Hartford, Connecticut.
We got to the end of the line and got off. There was a huge walkway that went down to a stage. It was so steep that there was no way to prevent yourself from running down. At the end I leapt onto the stage were I think some sort of college acting class was going on. The Professor said "ok, now that Daniella is here, lets get started" and she gave out some sort of plot but I can't remember what it was and she asked "ok, Daniella, do you want to be the director.. the writer.. or the actor?" and I said "writer" even though I actually can't write very well at all... and I knew that.
The dream gets a little blurry at this point...
I end up in a theater sitting next to Barbara watching a movie? a play? Not sure. I realize that I've forgotten something at home. So I leave my purse there, tell Barbara that I'll be right back, and I walk out of the theater. I walk back because the couch ride was closed for the day and I walk up to my house, which kind of resembled the home of a childhood friend. I walked in and saw a few guys who were in my graduating class... Bruce and Nate and oddly enough Jacob (who is a Madison friend). I demand that they tell me how they got into my house and then I am overwhelmed with terror that they might be my new roommate. And I tell them to get out and to never come back. Bruce hands me the key and they leave.
I text Barbara to ask her to make sure she grabs my purse if she leaves the theater. So on my way walking back I bump into Mark (another friend from high school) and I am overwhelmed with joy to see him. I go to hug him and he's like "woah woah woah. I don't hug" and I am really annoyed and kind of offended and he says "yeah, good to see you too" in a very monotone voice. A girl walks up behind me and he puts his arm around her and they walk away.


jx said...

nicely done! sf would make for a great water ride with all the steep hills.

jx said...

oh - and love the title :)