Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rodent creature

i opened a dresser drawer and inside were what looked like milkweed pods facing down. four in a row, from largest in the front to smallest in the back. i used some inanimate poking object to overturn the first one. when i did, a rodent-like creature sprung out of it and skittered around the whole house. at some point i was able to get a good look at it while it was standing still. it had a furry face and large-ish ears, a skeletal body (seriously, just bones) and a long tail. oh, and the best part? it had a freakishly long, skinny trunk. yes, like an elephant. but realllllly skinny and reallllly long. it curved upward. i feel like there was mutual hatred between myself and this thing but i didn't want to kill it. i was just disgusted by it and thought it was going to hurt me. i woke up and tried to draw the creature and it didn't so much turn out.

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Reem Tara said...

Oh my god, this animal sounds sort of horrible. Gross. But imaginative!