Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scary Tarantula Sex

I dreamed that me and D. had 2 pet tarantulas. At first there were 3 in one cage, but later just 2. One was the male and it was much larger than the other. I hated them but mostly the big male. Plus he looked a little squished. I asked D. why we could not set it loose outside? She explained that the climate here was not suitable for the tarantula and it would die either by man or nature. It was scary. Then I saw the 2 tarantulas mating. The male was on top of the female. He put his claws which looked like needles slowly into holes which were in her back. The holes would fill with blood, then he'd pull the needle out, and put it in another hole. I was very concerned that this was not a consensual act, but then saw she was doing the same thing to him. Later there was a ghost in my room and the tarantulas were under the bed. Everything was very scary!

Then it turned into a boring work dream and I dreamed about students I worked with several years ago. They were having a cooking competition and I ate their food. I remember thinking that when they were MY students, we never had anything as good as this cooking competition.


Reem Tara said...

Hahahahaha! I love this dream because, first of all, you got to eat cookies and feel resentful. But MOSTLY because 90% of that tarantula dream actually happened in real life!!

For those of you who don't know this lovely lady, she had a pet tarantula in college named Jesus Christ the Only Son of God, and she was very terrified of her. One day, Sarah came into her room after class and screamed. I ran in to see what was the matter. In Jesus's tank, there were TWO tarantulas!! Sarah thought somebody was playing a trick on her. One of the tarantulas looked just like Jesus, but the other one was bigger and hairier and awful looking.

It turned out that it was really just one tarantula. Jesus had molted and the skin had come off in one whole piece. She came out bigger and hairier. I kind of want to vomit just thinking of that.

jx said...

this is so disgusting - the dream stuff and the real life stuff, alike.