Thursday, March 12, 2009

A series of strange dreams

I had a dream I went to visit my sister in Illinois (who just had a baby) and while we were there she asked us (my other siblings and I) to take her out to get some groceries. My mom stayed at her house to watch the kids. We got to the store and all she wanted was five large water containers. Like the kind they use for office water coolers. So we went in search of them and at one point we walk by a mother and her son. And the mother is yelling at her son for some reason or another. And at one point she calls her son "a stupid motherfucking fat fuck". At which point Brenda (my sister who just had the baby) stops and says to her "I'm sorry, is that your son?" and the woman says "uh, yeah. What are you going to do about it?" and Brenda turns to the son and says "Don't let her make you feel bad. Its her fault that she didn't give you vegetables when you were growing up and probably just fed you fried chicken and fast food". The mother is then silent and Brenda walks away and I remember feeling really proud of her.

I also had a dream that I was at a concert but the only instruments that were being played were musical saws. It was a beautiful concert. In that dream I had my saw with me too and I was showing it off to people who went to my high school, specifically who were in band with me. I also had pipes from a pipe organ. And when asked about them I said "oh no no, that's for something else..." but I never said what it was for. And I'm not sure why I had them with me. I bumped into my coworker there, who had ordered some books from someone about music theory, which is odd because this coworker listens mostly to techno music from the UK. Anyway, he was also complaining a lot about someone who was there. But I'm not sure what it was about. And then I saw my old band teacher there. The one who denied me the position of drum major (and whom I occasionally still think of with a burning hate). He told me about how he had become a business owner selling books and cleaning houses. His assistant was with him. Who I recognized as this girl that I met at popfest a few years ago who was a feminist and totally awesome and I was disappointed that she had become his assistant. And I told him about all the amazing things I've done with myself since high school, trying to piss him off. He then gave me some books and said "Here, your friend Bessie ordered some books. Would you mind giving them to her?" I agreed. I remember also thinking about asking him about his friend who came to the high school to play guitar for the senior year musical, Footloose... because I remember this friend totally hitting on me and I thought he was really cute. But I decided against it.


jx said...

yay, sister!

that second one might need to be made into a movie.

Reem Tara said...

Oh wow, the whole saw thing?? Amazing! And yeah, I agree with jx, your sister rules. "It's your mom's fault for not feeding you vegetables!" Hahaha!