Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i was filling in for a day as nanny for kimora lee simmons' kids. but she didn't just have those two little girls. she had a house full of kids - a bunch of older boys all over the place. the house was huge but it wasn't decorated very well. the boys rooms were outdated and messy. kimora's husband was a pro basketball player and that's why they lived in madison (?). i talked with the girls for awhile telling them that i've seen them on tv and they were so sweet. kimora wasn't all bitchy and fabulous like she is on tv. she was pretty much a soccer mom.

later, my hub and i were living in the house i grew up in (the brick one) and we had a landlord. she came by and was in the yard for awhile and i watched her the whole time through the windows. i wondered if she had seen me but she didn't seem to for a long time. then, she looked me straight in the eye and flicked me off.

then my dogs ran away, just down the street and i yelled at them and they came back.

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Reem Tara said...

Is anybody else BLOWN AWAY by Kimora's legs in that picture? Jeez...

Jess, I LOVE the links you put in there. Especially the flicking off one.