Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beer Pub, Bicycles, Beef Jerky, & Naked

This dream cracked me up: 

I was sent on a mission by someone, I don't know who, but I know I had to get specific things from a grocery store and it was VERY important.  In my dream it kind of felt like this was for my job, you know stuff you HAVE to do. 

This grocery store was far from my house, I'm pretty sure it was in another state.  I think I was in Iowa City.  But first I was instructed I had to stop at a brew pub that was on an extremely slanted hill.  The inside of the brew pub had all these beer steins and dark oak woodwork with really high ceilings.  Most of the patron were gray haired, but everybody there was sitting on bicycles. They were not sitting on bar stools, they were sitting on bicycles.  If they needed to get up and go to the bathroom or go to the end of the bar to get another drink, they didn't walk over, they rode their bicycle.  Also everyone there understood that I was there as part of a "mission",  although this mission wasn't really clear to even me.  But, part of this mission, apparently, was to give me a bike.  So, they gave me a bike and I rode it on out of the very steeply inclined beer pub out into the streets where they all cheered me on and waved goodbye.   I rode the bike for a few blocks until I was out of their sight and then I ditched the bike.  

After ditching the bike I got into a car and drove quickly to this grocery store in Iowa City.  As I pull up in the parking lot of this grocery store I notice that I'm naked.   I'm a little distressed by this as it is very important that I get certain items from this grocery store as part of my "mission".  So, I tell myself in my head that I just have to do it, that if I act confident and like it isn't a big deal then it probably won't be a big deal.  No one will really notice, right? (you know, like when you're really scared of public speaking, but you just act like you're not, that kind of thing). 

So, I go into the grocery store.  One hand over my crotch, one hand over my breasts (sort of).  And I'm quickly and desperately search the aisles for the items I need, which are: 
-Beef Jerky, the thin smoked type, not slim jims
-Whole live Lobsters.  3 of them.

I find the beef Jerky and I'm making my way to the back of the grocery store, where the tank of Live Lobsters are kept,  and I run into this woman who says to me: 
Where are your clothes? 

I know I have to make something up, so I very confidently and quickly respond in that annoyed mother sort of way: 
Oh, my daughter took them, you know kids. I'm looking for her, have you seen her?  She's somewhere in the store....boy, when I find her...

The lady seemed to understand and nodded knowingly.  

Then I woke up.  

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SophisticatedBrew said...

AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! omg, i would be so nervous to purchase live lobsters under any circumstance, but ESPECIALLY naked. i love your logic in the dream - just act like it's normal and people won't think twice about your nudity. And that (literal) "biker bar" sounds awesome.