Friday, June 19, 2009

Military Mockery

This dream is fading fast...But I do know that I went to a small-town event that was in honor of Parkinson's disease patients. Prior to this event I was at a neighbor's house where children were. I noticed a sharp looking military outfit and the mom encouraged me to "try it on - it looks good!"

So I wore the military uniform to the Parkinson's diesease event. The woman in charge was SO excited to have me there - she said she would ask me to stand up and "represent the military." I did not have the guts to tell her that I was an imposter who was merely wearing an outfit.

I stayed at the event for a bit and then quickly left. In the dream, I thought it was kind of funny that people thought I was in the military. But afterwards a co-worker who was there YELLED at me. She said I was insensitive towards people who are really in the military and that I clearly "have a problem with men." So I SCREAMED at her, saying that I was at the Parkinson's event for 2 important male members of my family, so how is that having a problem with men?

Also as I was walking from the event I saw huge frogs on the grass. And another neighbor offered me money to help her clean up her dog poop. And I got a parking ticket but had no money to pay it.

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Reem Tara said...

Wow, lots of anxiety...they're bitches for yelling at you, you know. I wonder what frogs in dreams mean...