Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boring Stuff

I was staying in a hotel with Sarah somewhere in the suburbs of Chicago, and we needed a ride to my parents' house, which is also in the suburbs of Chicago. Instead of asking one of my 50 zillion family members for a ride, we called Sarah's dad and asked him to come down from Michigan to drive us. While he was on his way, we hung out in the hotel room.

Sarah's dad arrived with her little sister Hannah, and some guy named Andre who kind of hung out and complained a lot. WHen our bill for the room came, I was mad because they'd charged us 76 cents for a bottle of "Peanut Butter Water" and 25 cents for "Vanilla Breath Spray." I kept reading the bill obsessively, trying to remember if we'd had those things and we hadn't, so I asked them to remove the charges. "I know it's just a dollar, but it's the principle of it all," I explained. Then Sarah appeared and announced that she may have used those things on her cruise last year, so that's why they were there. Whoops a daisy!

Later we drove on a specific highway in Madison (the one coming north from Mount Horeb into town) and all the roads were closed due to construction. I followed a maroon mini van, swerving in and out of piles of dirt.

Later, I watched American Idol on television, and the theme of the night was "On the Lanai."

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SophisticatedBrew said...

Sounds fun to me. I TOTALLY would have brought PB water and vanilla breath spray on a cruise. DUH!