Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evil District Attorneys and Witches

Evil men floated in my dreams last night. The men are two people I know and I actually sat between them at a hearing yesterday. They are two of the most notorious, bloodthirsty District Attorneys in Georgia. Though I work with one of them regularly, my nervousness of them goes so deep not to put their names on this blog for fear that it would get back to them and there would be personal repercussions. In the dreams that continued even though I'd wake up from time to time, their heads (no bodies) kept floating in my peripheral vision as I looked around in my dream. It was nerve wrecking.

Finally I had a different dream in which Alex and I were walking hand in hand in Decatur Square. We noticed an exhibit of Disney villains that you could see a preview of by throwing a quarter into a jar. We threw our quarter in and the statues we were all of a sudden surrounded by came to life. They were real people and moving in circles around each other and us. It was like we were trapped in the middle of a ballet stage. Then I realized that three of the performers were really evil witches and I pulled Alex's hand to try to get out of there. I was immediately face to face with an evil witch and she screeched and my heart jumped and then I woke up.


SophisticatedBrew said...

That sounds really scary! Although at first the Disney statues sound neat. Ya know, until they turn evil. You must have been glad to wake up.

Reem Tara said...

So many villains!