Friday, October 17, 2008


I had an awful dream last night that I was throwing a huge party at a club (which I am in a couple weeks) and I was walking out midway through it to go to the McDonald's across the street (which I totally wouldn't do). As I'm walking out, I see police walking in.

Fuck. I know there is pot everywhere. So I run back inside and tell my cousin Laith to start taking care of the mess before the police get inside. I meet the police at the door and turn on my dealing-with-police charm. They are friendly to me and say that they don't want make trouble, but they smell pot so that gives them the right to come inside.

I let them in, I have no other choice. Miraculously, the party which is now in my house and not the club, is immaculate. The house is as clean as it actually is right now immediately following a visit from my parents. The cops walk through and see nothing, but walk past my room as if they think its a closet. I'm leading them out, relieved that its over then one of them says to me- "things look alright, we just need to look in your bedroom and we'll be on our way."

Sure enough my room has piles of pot and paraphernalia everywhere. Fucking hell. I know I'm getting arrested. Every now and then as the cop looks away I hide some of the pot under a pillow, in my waistband, under a shoe. That is until the cop says "I see you hiding that."

I start begging him not to arrest me, to let this go, that I have important work to do that would be impeded by a conviction. I say something like "I won't be able to visit my clients in prison!" or something similarly ridiculous.

I woke up with a migraine that had a heartbeat of its own and nausea to boot.


Reem Tara said...

Oh GOD! I'm sorry, but I laughed really hard as I read this. Still though, it's terrible. Awful awful awful. We should have somebody be a "lookout" at the Halloween party...

Sara Ashes said...

well it is funny! the worst part was the realization that arrest was inevitable.

actually, the worst part is that now all i can think about re McDonald's fries and shamrock shakes. Jeez

Sara Ashes said...

and the fact that i was trying to hide drugs in front of the cop??? that shit IS hilarious!

Mindlab said...

This was awesome - from an outside perspective; though i expect you were freaking in the dream...and waking with a migraine sounds like the unfortunate proper conclusion.

(I'll tell you a more real life story like this when i see you face to face -- remind me)