Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Puppy Dreams

So our little dog Pepper sleeps in bed with Tom and I, and I think she has been controlling our dreams this week.

The other night Tom dreamed that we decided to get a second dog (something we talk about during the day a lot, Pepper needs a little brother.) So in the dream we found a cute little dog and decided to adopt him. But for some reason we thought that since we were getting this new dog we had to get rid of Pepper. So Tom was on the phone trying to find someone to adopt her. He finally found a woman who came and picked her up. But later in the day we realized what we had done and started freaking out! (Pepper is pretty much like our daughter) In the dream Tom was on the phone at all these different locations- at one point we were at Austin City Limits while he was on the phone trying to get Pepper back! We were in our living room on the phone with this woman telling her we made a mistake!! He says he doesn't know how it ended, but he woke up spooning Pepper!

I had a dream last night that we were visiting my parents in Wisconsin. We had driven up from Texas with Pepper. When we got to my parents house my dad told me that they had become a foster home for dogs. There were dozens of dogs there in addition to the two my parents already own. They were running around in the house and backyard, though in the dream the house that was my parents didn't look like my parents real house. We went out back to see all the dogs and found this little rat terrier mix puppy. He had a white face, white feet and belly, but his back had brown and black spots. We started playing with it and holding it and thinking that maybe we wanted to keep him! We ran around the house and outside and he just seemed perfect! He had a ton of personality just like Pepper. But we wanted to make sure that Pepper liked him so we had them meet. We walked into the living room where Pepper was sitting on the couch, like a person- on her butt. We put the little rat terrier puppy in her arms and she held him like a person holds a baby! She cradled him for a while and we knew that they could get along! We were afraid that the new dog might have more personality than Pepper, but then Pepper started stealing peoples socks and running around the house with them so we knew it would be ok.

So we went home for the night (I guess Texas and Wisconsin are quite close in dreams) and when we got up in the morning I saw that one of my goldfish was dead, I yelled at Tom "Why did you kill my goldfish and leave it in the tank? That's bad for the other fish!" He came in and looked at it and apologized, no explanation as to why he killed it. Then we drove to my parents house to play with the dog again. But when we got there all the dogs were gone! I started freaking out and got super upset! My dad said that all of the dogs had found a home! Tom and I were really sad and looked out the window into the backyard. We were talking about how perfect that dog would have been and how we were so sad that he was gone. We were looking out the window at a little tiny orange kitten, the size of a hamster, that was playing in a little area in the yard. I said, "Awwww that must be the area where Spot peed last!"

And when I woke up, I was spooning Pepper!!!

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