Thursday, October 2, 2008

Terrapin, and the whistle is screaming

I am walking down miles of sand where I reach the tallest dunes in view.  I climb them and it gives me a view of a vast beach where there are giant sea turtles, six feet tall and ten long, their craggy shells covered with 6 to a dozen children who are hollering with joy at the ride.  But as I near I see the fear in the kids faces and realize they are screaming.  Somehow being held captive on the backs of these turtles and being hauled into the ocean.
But one of the turtles shells has suddenly been wiped clean of children and I see my uncle [an avid sportsman who makes his own arrows for bowhunting] leaping on the back of a turtle halfway into the surf.  He then takes a hand-carved arrow-head, larger than his head, and twice stabs it into the back of the turtle's neck.   The children are safe. 


Fred Mephisto said...

What does the whistle have to do with anything?

Sara Ashes said...

Apparently Fred needs to bone up on his Grateful Dead listenin'. ;)

Chris, your dreams are such dramatic struggles all the time- are you still on the spicy-food-before-you-sleep experiment? Maybe you should try warm milk or something and cut yourself a break! Or maybe not. :)

iurodivii said...

Yeah I cut out the foodsperiment (at least I am not running a controlled version). I think its just that I am now remembering my dreams after not being able to do so for like 8 months.

I also found it odd that in the previous dream i popped out of a hole in the back of my neck, while the turtle was stabbed in the same place a few nights later...does that mean I am a child-stealing turtle?

(and yes, Fred, that was for folks in the 'know')

Sara Ashes said...

you're definitely a child-stealing turtle.