Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nothing but Eyelashes and Frankincense and Myrrh Here

Reem and I were talking about the ebb and flow of this dream blog, how sometimes everyone is dreaming and writing and sleeptime is so active, and then there are dead zones, the blog is blank, like no one is dreaming. I wonder if it has anything to do with cycles of the moon... I know that with my writing I will be super prolific for a few weeks and then can barely construct an email for a couple and I think that is about moon time. Anyway, I think its interesting that after the time of silence, two of us have dreams to post today.

I dreamed that I lived in the Beetlejuice house. Well, it was the Beetlejuice house from the outside anyway. Inside it was more like a loft, clean and airy and there was a metal spiral staircase from the kitchen to my bedroom. In the kitchen there were many shelves filled with colored glass bottles. When I looked to see what was in the bottles, I thought to myself "nothing but eyelashes and frankincense and myrrh here." And then I had to yell at my friends who were sleeping over becuase they were going to wake up my parents.


Mindlab said...

You got me curious so i did a breakdown:
New Moon - 24
Half Waxing - 32
Full - 18
Half Waning - 17

So what that means is that in the last 4 months from the New Moon and for the next six days following there were 24 posts.

From the Half Waxing until right before full there were 32 posts.

From Full to half full there were 18
and from half full to gone there were 17 posts.

So 63% of the posts are from the New moon until right before full and 37% are from full to empty moon.

Surprisingly there were not any undue numbers jumping out on the full (or new) moon.

Reem Tara said...

HAHAHAH!!!! I love this one!