Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm so sick of my stupid, boring dreams lately...

It's Genia's birthday and we're meeting for a party in the "bar part" of a farmhouse. Exes M & S show up with two others. Nobody will talk to me. I scoot closer to Genia and feel like shit. Every time I move my chair it makes an obnoxiously loud scraping noise across the concrete floor and the music stops and the talking stops and everybody looks at me.

Later, we're in a Best Buy parking lot and Andy from college gets mad and breaks a car window by punching it, but then his arm is broken. In real life he'd never do this - he'd talk it out instead of being violent. I try and persuade him to go to the hospital, but he says "there just isn't enough time in the week. But I'd do the other thing if you let me."

"Okay," I say, reluctantly. "You can put your face near my boobs, but only for like ten seconds. Only because your arm is broken."

I'm pretty sure he thanked me.

Also, I remember looking in my purse and seeing a half-empty pack of Winstons. Winstons??