Sunday, November 23, 2008

Green Beans in my Purse

I am in the cafeteria across from the Capitol where we eat every day during the legislative session. The line is super long and when I finally get to the front I realize that the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections (basically the head of all the prisons in Georgia) is working at the food booth as part of this "giving back for the holidays" program. He is wearing one of those puffy white chef hats, a Bill Cosby sweater (probably because he's always reminded me of BC is real life) and an exasperated expression.

When I get up to place my order he says to me, "Sara, please just take this broccoli pizza I accidentally made, I'm so behind with the orders." I agree, I'll eat the shit out of some broccoli pizza! When I get to the part of the line where I am served my food I am handed green beans with an Asian, sesame sauce in a wax paper bag - like the kind french-fries usually come in. I like those too so hey, no problem.

A little while later I am outside and ready to eat. I look in my purse and it seems I put the green beans in there. They spilled all over everything and the inside of my bag is covered in sesame sauce. Its a big mess but boy it smells great.


Reem Tara said...

I love all the delicious food in there. Damn.

Is there really a "give back for the holidays" program there? I can imagine all those disgruntled legislators... grumbling about how they "do enough already for this damn country" or something like that.

Sara Ashes said...

I love my positive attitude about everything! "hey, no problem guys!"

There is no such program but there probably should be. It would likely mean lots of scenarios for seersucker and Foghorn Leghorn talk and Brunswick Stew.

Mmmm...Brunswick Stew!

Sara Ashes said...

okay wait, i take back my previous comment- I did not mean to imply that seersucker could be worn during the holidays, or after labor day at all! Where are my manners?!?

Reem Tara said... embarrassing for you...seersucker after Labor Day indeed!

Tara said...

lots of food dreams! hilarious

Sara Ashes said...

sir, ah say SIR!!!

Mindlab said...

Broccoli pizza and you are like, hell yeah!! Just give me some Jackson 5 bitches.