Thursday, November 20, 2008

Proud to be an American

I was at Sara's Halloween party, only it was taking place in a Sam's Club or Costco or something. I remember seeing parts that were identical to the place where the party actually took place, but then there were also aisles and aisles of groceries and outdoor furniture, all stacked up high.

Sara brought out the karaoke machine and said "Okay, the next song is yours." I asked her what it was and she didn't know. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the song "Beauty School Dropout" from the movie Grease. Nevertheless, I rocked it. I remember thinking about how it was a little too low for my voice, but how awesome it was that I was able to sing it. I drew a crowd and the party got all crazy. Everybody was excited about karaoke!

The song finished, and somebody (I'm not sure who) called dibs on being next. They were all excited to see what song they'd sing, and then the song title appeared on the screen: "Proud to be an American." Everybody started booing and groaning, and the party guests all slowly disappeared.

The all the Hodi cousins (parents and all) appeared through the crowd carrying boxes and trays of snacks, like what one might buy at Sam's Club. Included were lots of Hostess Cherry Pies and tiny little martinis (I think this was because I watched Top Chef last night). "Where should we put all of this?" asked my uncle. "Just throw them in the Burrito Room," I replied. "That's where the food goes."

Later on in the dream, my friend Dan tried to kiss a girl and somehow his mother ended up with a broken nose. Also, I was in Canada with my family and my dad was talking about how none of his "band members" would be able to get back into the U.S. because none of them had brought the correct papers and all of them were too drunk from the wedding the night before. He laughed as he said it.


Sara Ashes said...

OH MY GOD!!!! So many things! the broken nose is defintiely about me since i nearly got my nose broken while the and played the Jackson 5... I love the songs! The selection proves you are truly a genius. and the cherry pies? the BURRITO room? oh lord.

Luper said...

I wanna go in the burrito room!

OMG: doing word verifications (captchas) drunk is very difficult

Tara said...

hahaha! Proud to be an American ruins a party, nice.