Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Miracle

I'm in some sort of Thanksgiving Class, making an oral presentation about something. I'm not sure exactly what I said, but I know it had to do with John Redcorn from King of the Hill (which I watched right before bed), and about how the white man stole his land. Also, I recited a lot of recipes. I did it in a real sing-songy voice.

Then I realized we were supposed to have made posters. Shit. I thought it was just oral (hahaha oral). The person in front of me, Kyle, got up and presented his shitty ass poster that was a crumply piece of orange posterboard that had been dropped in the mud or something. On it were The Far Side comics - they looked like they'd been ripped out of a daily calendar or something. His presentation ended up being really good and informative, however, and what made it the greatest was that he spoke in a baby voice (a la Jack Black in the Sasquatch scene of The Pick of Destiny) and finished with the wonderful sentence of "And that, folks, is what I'd like to learn in my life."

Later, I dropped my car keys on the floor of my bedroom at my parents' house and they whirled around on the floor like a crazy mouse, running in circles and under the bed and back around. They kept going near drains and vents and stuff they could fall through, and I had to fold up the end of my bed and move it to the other side of the room. I chased them for what seemed like forever, not being able to catch up with them at all. I was so mad for most of it until all of a sudden I started laughing really hard. "These are my keys!" I exclaimed, laughing. The they were all of a sudden sitting on the table next to the door. I grabbed them, stuck my arm out the front door, locked my car, and went back to my bedroom.

Okay, here is a video of the scene from The Pick of Destiny. You should really watch it. The baby talk voice part is right at about 1:34.


jx said...

the pick of destiny; never heard of it and now i see that i've truly not been living. thank you for opening my eyes. will you re-enact the key scene for me when i see you next? it sounds like beautiful slap-stick.

Reem Tara said...

Oh my god. No, wait. This warrants a full-on OMG. It's the Tenacious D movie, and yes I will reenact it for you because that's what I've been doing for my sister this week, and I'm wondering if she's maybe a little sick of it...?

Also, we should probably watch it together. It's all about people who love metal and rock and music in general. Once again, OMG.

Sara Ashes said...

i like the idea of you running around chasing yor tail. let's play that later.

SophisticatedBrew said...

um, i think chasing your keys is really funny. and i'm glad you got a P.O.D reference in there. i have one too! i will post it post-haste.