Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Barak Obama Sex Dream

I couldn't bring myself to write about this before, but now it just seems funny and isn't as saturated with real emotion as it was originally.

Barak Obama and I were boyfriend/girlfriend. He and I were very into each other, and we were always holding hands or kissing. We had sex in my parent's back porch, which is kind of a dirty place where they keep the dogs, but it was awesome. He was really supportive emotionally, and I remember grabbing his ears a lot.

But when I woke up from that dream, the emotions were so real, it was like I was really in love with Barak Obama, and I couldn't write about it.

Geesus. He must've run a magical freakin' campaign to make people have sex dreams about him.


Reem Tara said...

YES!!! What a great first dream post for you, Anna. I bet he'd be pretty emotionally supportive, but sex on the dog porch? I bet he'd be fussy about it. Like, he'd need to put a blanket down and have some hand sanitizer nearby...

jx said...

omigod - i've had too many falling-in-love dreams to count. and i always have a soft spot in my heart for that person in my awake life afterwards! like, someone i've never found attractive is suddenly on my mind like crazy. too weird. must be some psychological phenomenon. someone should write a book about it.

benjaminadair said...

Hi Anna, My name is Ben Adair and I'm a public radio producer in Los Angeles. I also have a personal podcast (at and I'm collecting people's sex dreams about Obama for a future episode. I found your blog here and I'm writing to see if I could record you recounting your dream.

All dreams are anonymous. I'd simply call you on the phone and have you recount the dream. The podcast is going to be lots of people recounting their various sex dreams about Obama -- stories range from the shy and demure to the explicit and erotic. So it's however you feel comfortable explaining it.

Anyway, thanks for considering my request.

benjaminadair at gmail dot com