Sunday, December 14, 2008

Frog guts and dangling mama.

This dream was presented almost as a news-story ala Dateline or 20/20, but with much darker lighting. The story was about this Ivy League school system for middle school students, and about the rampant "gang" activity that occurred there. These gangs were really just clusters of three or four bigger, older students, who would pressure all new students to choose a side, and then beat up anyone who was not on their side. Not choosing a side and remaining neutral was not an option, for as one gang-member girl said, "If you're not on our side then it means you could be on anyone else's side." There was a small gang of about three teenage guys who were threatening a new student with a rock. If he didn't choose their gang they would beat him with this rock. "If I choose your side, will you have my back?" the boy asked, and they said they would. So the boy chose their side. We follow them into this house where there is another boy who is somehow involved with the gangs. He has been poisoned and starved (but for some reason we don't feel sympathy for him) and he is kind of doubled over and retching. Eventually he throws up, but since he's been starved he throws up his entire stomach, as in, the organ. At the time of this happening, my dream turned this boy into a frog, and there was a graphic little picture of a squished dead frog with his tiny frog stomach hanging out of his mouth. At this point I was actually present in the space and time of this boy's death (no longer watching as if on the news) and I rushed out of the house along with a group of people, I think other students. As we were leaving the house there was a man and woman who had parked their car and were approaching the house, unaware that this boy, their son, had just died. One of the students I was with announced dispassionately to them, "Eric is dead," like she was reporting the weather, and walked on. I didn't see how the parents reacted but I felt really shocked that this was treated so commonplace. I continued rushing into the parking lot and the group I was with became my family, and we were planning to go to a restaurant for dinner. We split up into two separate cars, so that my mom would drive her car and the rest of the family would drive in the van. We all climbed in the van and even our dog was curled up in the back seat. We were just about to pull out of the parking lot when my mom came over to tell us something. She leaned in through the side window to talk to us but my dad, unaware she was doing this, began driving away. My mom hung on tight and we zipped down the road with the lower half of my mom's body dangling out the side of the van, not dragging on the ground but just flying there in the air. She was laughing and we all thought it was silly, except for one lady who we passed on the sidewalk. She gave us a disapproving look and kind of killed our fun.

(Hi, I'm a new contributor... this is fun!)


Sara Ashes said...

JEEZUS!!! What a crazy stressful scary dream? Did you eat spicy chicken wings before bed or something??? Awful!

Welcoem to the bloggy, Bea!

Reem Tara said...

B! GREAT first entry! I love that you basically dreamed that "If you're not with us, you're against us." Hilarious. I wonder if this was a result of a giant burger and too much caffeine yesterday?? =)

jx said...

i like that your mom's body was waving around in the air instead of dragging along the ground. it's a funnier visual. and sounds like it was funny for you in the dream.

Bea said...

Haha, sara, I did not eat spicy chicken wings but i did have TOO much caffeine that day (yes, Reem, I think we can blame those things!) JX i wish you could have just seen my mom flying around, it really was hilarious. :) Thanks for the welcomes, I'm glad to be here!