Tuesday, December 30, 2008

two dreams courtesy of valarian root.

Every Time:

we were at my co-worker Breena's apartment which had about 6 inches of water on the floor continually and there were a lot of dolls floating in the water. So she had just come home and cortney (coworker) and i were there and Breena was really upset when she came home I could see that sh had been crying and so cort and i were trying to make her feel better and finally Breena started crying and she said

"i am upset because i am going to get a negative comment on the NESCO blog!" (our work blog)

And both cort and I were like,
"its ok breena, you can't please everyone. you do the best you can"
"Cheryl (boss) will be on your side"

and Breena got real upset and said

" I just wish I had called her back sooner, and got her a volunteer quicker and I WISH THAT I HAD FLUSHED THE TOILET EVERY TIME!!"

Sign My Book!

I was in a bed in a radio studio and James Kockalka (an awesome cartoonist) was there at the radio studio for an interview. I was just going to lay in the bed while he did the interview and listen. I noticed that he seemed to be REALLY skinny and his head was really too small for his body. He had this real high and femmy voice, that was distinctly male but really high. Best described as a wiener voice. And I thought "how can Amy (his wife) stand that voice".

SO after the interview I ask him to sign my copy of his American Elf comic diary. So I watch him sign it. And he signs it "From Alex" I was confused. THEN he writes "Gwen you are a total Cathy."......... and i know he means Cathy from Cathy comics.


Reem Tara said...

Excuse me. James Kolchaka called you "a total Cathy" in your dream????? Holy eff. I don't even know what to say. I might have kicked him...

Great job with the "punchlines!"

kittymodern said...

i really might email him the dream.