Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i dreamt that i was at a dinner with my mom, my sister and my cousin. my mom was nagging and picking on me. i was getting fed up and i told her to stop. she didn't stop, so i walked out and she followed me and continued to say rude things to me. i told her that if she takes another step i'm going to get violent. she took another step and i attacked her. she blocked my punches and held my fists. i kicked her in the stomach and she vomited enormous amounts of wine and dinner. it was ten times more barf than anyone could actually barf. i felt guilty and also satisfied with what i had done. 

i woke up after that and it was 2am. i was sweating and my heart was pounding. i got up and smoked a cigarette and peed. i was afraid to fall back asleep because i didn't want to dream something like that again. eventually i fell back asleep and the rest of the night was fine.

i can't remember what she actually said in the dream. i know they were totally out of line and pushing my buttons. 

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