Thursday, April 2, 2009

holy crap

on a dark and chilly day, i was downtown madison, southeast of the capitol, where there was a giant bus station. like in a dark, dirty, dank parking garage. i was lost and did not know which bus to get on to get home. i decided to walk. as i was walking downtown, i passed an alley and took a step into it and when i saw a bunch of homeless people loitering there, i turned back and walked away. i encountered a pimp who was in some way giving me a hard time when my friend marc showed up. the pimp shot me many times but the bullets didn't go through me but left small skin abrasions. i felt a large force of pressure each time but no pain. i walked home with marc and at his door when we were saying goodbye, i told him i'd like to give him a kiss to say thank you for rescuing me. he then started fidgeting with his cat's litterbox which was on a shelf nearby, scooping the litter and adding potato flakes to it. i remember being uneasy that he was touching it with his bare hands. eventually, his attention turned back to me and we kissed. he was the worst kisser ever. it was closed-mouth and he tilted his head left and right. i didn't say anything but felt bad for him to find out that he was such a bad kisser, which i never knew before. i feel bad for saying this now but i was relieved that it was closed-mouth so i wouldn't have to taste his cigarette breath. haha!!

next sequence...
i was with an old friend that i used to work at a group home with. we were at the home to visit one of the residents. we were in his room using his phone to call him. he was downstairs but we still communicated over the phone. i asked him for his cell phone number and he kept giving me his room phone number which i was already on. it was confusing. i later found out that the home had live-in staff now because the two people who became live-ins, did all the work anyway.

next sequence...
i was in some sort of class to learn how to interview people and be on tv. it was me and two instructors/coaches. i sucked at everything. i had to interview this woman (a personal friend who i didn't seem to know in the dream) and was given cue cards that had strange formatting so i couldn't really follow them. there was also a newspaper article written about this woman that i had to go on but did not read it until during the interview. i did not even know her name so made one up in the moment and my coaches praised me for thinking on my feet in a way that the viewer wouldn't notice that i had made a mistake. i learned that she had collected some rare antique by accident that was worth a lot of money. during the interview, the woman was drunk and drifted away from me, leaving me standing with the microphone not knowing what to do.

next sequence...
there was a house in the middle of the ocean, on a platform of cement that extended about a foot out from the house. the waves were crashing up onto the platform where i was sitting with another woman and a beautiful little girl. both of their hair was blowing in the wind and the water was a beautiful blue. it was a relaxing moment and i wanted to live there. soon, a barge passed and then a large boat full of children approached and the children were all smiling and waving at us. a small sport boat approached. the driver was some younger male who i thought was trying to show off. he flipped the boat upside down near some large rocks peaking out of the water. then some people were at the house with us, like a group of about 15-20 that seemed to be tourists. i heard one woman say she was from wisconsin so i asked her about it and she said that she used to be married to someone from wisconsin. she seemed bothered by my asking. then i was inside the house which had sort of a mod theme. the ceilings were low and so was all the furniture. lots of solid colored accents. my hub was with me and he was texting with his new phone and showed me this new feature where he could text with his number pad. wow. it blew my mind.

el fin.

i did yoga before going to bed last night so i blame that.


Reem Tara said...


Okay, obviously it's hilarious and amazing that you had all these dreams in one night and remembered them. Fantastic. But moving on!!!!!!! The first one about Marc and the way he kisses?? Oh my god, absolutely fucking hilarious. Are you going to tell him about it? The way you described it made me laugh so effing hard but also be grossed out.

Oh my god.

jx said...

i figured if i posted the blog, word would get back to marc eventually. haha!!! it's kind of embarrassing but my logical side tells me to get over it because it's so funny!

Reem Tara said...

I call dibs on NOT telling him.