Monday, April 20, 2009

Pigs having wishes dream

So I had a crazy dream before I woke up today. I only remember it in bits and pieces, but it started off in this dog training building in a mall area. Kind of like where Olive Garden is at West Towne. It was all fenced in so the dogs couldn't get out.

Later on in the dream, inside the building, it ended up that Jacob worked there and he knew the secret way to get to the basement level. So I went into the ladies bathroom with him, into a stall, and he did a series of closing the stall doors in a certain order and the stall we were in started creeping down, like a slow elevator.

When we got downstairs there was a bar, and my friend Jo was randomly there. There was also a recording studio and an ice cream shop. (cause that's totally what would be in the basement of a dog training place).

Eventually the dream sort of changed and I was outside in this mountain clearing. Something that looked like the hills in Ireland. There were a group of us who were trying to not be found by this group of bad people. We had some livestock and a stream for water. A pig was giving birth, and we gave the piglet to this guy who had recently lost his wife in a battle with the bad people.

Someone decided that they would lower our shield of this ability to manifest anything we were thinking of, to try and cheer everyone up. But when we gave the piglet an orange, it must have wanted a lot more orange cause this gigantic one, the size of a car, was coming falling out of the sky on top of us. We dove out of the way to see that the other livestock must have been wishing for things too, because random foodstuffs were falling out of the sky.

All of the attention must have flagged the bad people to where we were, because they suddenly appeared in our stream-side clearing. Of course it would make total sense in my brain that random bad people would be lead by Tom, the bearded Other in Lost. We started battling it out with them. Throwing punches and using what we could to fight.

Unfortunately that's when I got woken up by the roommate. So I guess I'll never know if we beat them and the livestock got to live another day, having whatever they wanted raining down on them from the sky.

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jx said...

this needs to be a screenplay.