Saturday, April 4, 2009

Castle Lobby

I dreamed I was trying to get dressed and get ready to go somewhere. I was putting on several outfits at once and was being incredibly indecisive about what to wear. It was really hot and I was all sweaty, so I decided to wear a skirt and tank top. I also remembered that I'd be going on a field trip to a movie theater, so maybe I should wear a sweater. At the same time, I worried about getting a sunburn on this field trip.

Once I thought I was ready to go, I looked down and realized I hadn't shaved my legs in a really long time. This was pointed out by some guy, and my mom tried to take a picture with an old fashioned camera with a giant flashbulb. I tried to hide my legs.

Then, as I was trying to pull on my tights, I was in the "lobby" of a castle. I think it was Buckingham Palace. There was a busy woman, who I assumed was the castle receptionist, on the phone answering questions faster than shooting bullets. It sounded like this:

April 19th. No. There aren't any. No. No more.

I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to answer the questions. At some point, somebody was saying how the princes were catching up in age to their father, so there was probably going to be some sort of competition to see who would rule all the land. I assumed they were talking about Prince Charles, then Prince William and Prince Harry, and that there would be a duel of some sort.

Then I got distracted by cases of jewelry - everything was really fancy, made of different jewels and fancy beads and silver. I assumed they'd each cost hundreds of dollars, but one pair of earring said $74 and one said $69. I found my favorite, black and silver with colors here and there, and my phone rang and I woke up. It was the prettiest part of the dream...


jx said...

aaaw, your mom took pictures?!!

my friendship blog said...

Hello , I had seen your blogs many days ago....

is this a dream blog?

P.S.: What a nice dream...^^