Monday, August 11, 2008

It Got Him!

So for some reason I have a lot of extremely violent and gory dreams. More violent than any scarry movie I've seen or any TV show I've watched. Often people are getting killed. I don't know where these dreams come from as I can rarely make connections between them and to real life. They usually play like a movie. I am rarely in them, rather I am watching what is happening. This is one that I had last night, it's not as bad as some I have had.

It was night time and a man was running around outside of a house frantically. Two men were inside the house talking about how there is something in the town that is "getting" people. They see the man outside running around. They go outside in the yard to see what is wrong with him. He starts coughing and collapses on the ground. The two men walk over to him to see that he is convulsing on the ground and something is eating away at his body. Like parts of his body are melting away. They say "it got him!" they bend down to try to ask him questions. He smells so bad they have to plug their noses. "Did you see what it was?" The man who's body is decomposing in front of them shakes his head. One of the men says "I know you can't tell us his name, but what did he look like?" The man just convulses and eventually stops moving. The two men look at each other in horror.

Over in another part of the town a large group of people are coming out of a bar or building. There are two men walking ahead of everyone else in the group. They are all talking and laughing loudly when all of a sudden there is a loud noise and the two men that were ahead of everyone can't be seen. The group of people all stop and look frightened. They are looking around for them and calling out their names. All of a sudden they smell an awful smell and all start plugging their noses while they look around.

They finally come up to the two men who are laying on the ground in a pool of blood. The group of people start screaming and looking around. Out of the bushes comes a giant figure. A huge shadow covers them. They look up and see that it is a giant clown! A huge, maybe 30 ft tall, clown is standing over them in a red suit with white polka dots. He has a white face with red hair. He smiles at them showing he has huge sharp teeth that are all bloody. They look down and there is a trail of blood from where they are standing that leads off to the street where a huge clown car is parked. The clown car looks just like the giant clown's head, where the ears are the doors. They look back at the clown looking down at them . . . .

and then I don't remember the rest!!! I think my alarm went off! These dreams are usually really long and detailed and usually end with me waking up in the middle of the night.

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