Monday, August 11, 2008

it will just take a second

I had a dream that I was at work and I had to use the bathroom. the bathrooms at work are shared public bathrooms because I work in city building. So I go across the hall and I have to pee really bad. I decide to use the handicapped bathroom which is its own separate room with a locking door. I walk in and I see that the Janitors cleaning cart is in there but I decided that since I just have to pee I will just lock the door go quickly and the janitor will not be inconvenienced. So I lock the door and turn around to pee and all of a sudden the door is being banged on and the janitor is yelling that she needs to get in there to clean. I yell back I just need to use the bathroom I will be out soon. the janitor unlocks the door and behind her are all of these people gawking at the commotion. the Janitor is standing there and with all the gawkers behind her and I yell

"LOOOK I just need to pee then I will leave, I don't need the entire FUCKING CAST OF ROSEANNE watching me while I pee ok, close the door."

because as we all know calling people "the cast of roseanne" is really insulting.


Sara Ashes said...

this is so funny! at first i took it literally, that the whole cast of roseanne was indeed there.

Reem Tara said...

Oh my god. I can totally imagine them all, like Darlene making some snide comment, and David with his hands in his pockets and hair in his eyes. I LOVE that your brain picked Roseanne of all shows. TOTALS insulting.