Friday, August 15, 2008

Rats, Braless, Barack

Lori's dream about rats reminded me that I had a similar dream where there were rats everywhere - but they were more like cute animated rats, likely because I watched Ratatouille the night before.

For some reason I'm only remembering snippets of dreams this week:

- at some point of a much more involved dream, I realized that all of a sudden my bra was gone. My shirt was still on, but the girls were free and I remember folding my arms over my chest and scampering away. Yes, scampering.

- I was at a counter where this saleswoman was trying to get me to sign up for a new credit card. She was listing all the perks that come with it, tickets to shows, hotel discounts but also you get to train with Michael Jordan and live with Barack Obama.


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Sara Ashes said...

Have you seen that show Chelsea Lately? SHe refers to her girls as her "tickets". LOVE it!