Thursday, August 14, 2008


What is going on lately? So last night I was snuggled up in a stranger's bed. Not a complete stranger but pretty much. See, I'm dog sitting for this girl and her 8 dogs, 4 snakes, and slew of lizards. Yes I said 8 dogs and yes it IS a wonder I get any sleep at all. Oh, and really 3 dogs are hers and 5 are up for adoption . So, she and the hubby needed a vacation and I am dogsitting for them. I can't remember who all is allowed on the bed and who isn't so i let it be a free for all. So, back on topic, I was sound asleep. Or sound-ish asleep and having crazy horrible dreams about rats on me. They were slinky and scurrying on me. I awoke with a start and Hannah was squirming under the covers down by my feet and tickling my legs with her tail. HORRIFYING to wake up from a rat dream and have a critter at your feet. Hannah is awesome though so you should take her home. Winter is coming and she'll help you out with spastic snuggling!

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