Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have a recurring dream in which I'm in high school and there either it's the first day or it's the last day and I haven't been to class all semester. Bored!

So alls I remember from my dream last night was that I got my class schedule on my first day of high school and I had all these ridiculous classes listed. Also, the last two periods were free periods, which meant I'd be done with school early. As I left school (early, I guess), I noticed two "jockeys" walking by me. That's what they were called in my head. "Jockeys." One was about 4'6" or so, and the other had to be about 3 feet tall. They both had pointy features, brown pointy beards, red jackets with goldish decorations and emblems, and hard riding hats. 


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Sara Ashes said...

it's probably because of that Simpson's episodes- you know the one with the "jockey code".