Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Camp

I had a dream that I was working for a summer camp again. Somehow it was apparent in the dream that this was like a last ditch job I got stuck with. I was very annoyed to be working at a camp again. I boarded a yellow school bus that had my summer camp kids on it only to find there were only 5 kids in my group, I'd guess they were 7 year olds. No one else was on the bus. We were waiting to leave for a field trip. I had a magazine and my purse, but realized I had forgotten my water bottle so I was even more annoyed. I was also wearing a red over-sized t-shirt and really short shorts! (Yes Reem, just like MSCR) I sat down next to one of the kids and introduced myself. The kid had little interest in my so I rolled my eyes and started reading my magazine. I was wondering when the bus was going to leave because I wanted to run and get a water bottle before we left. All of a sudden a huge group of kids started coming towards the bus. They were all marching with weird things on their heads. When they got closer the counselor was leading the way and was one of those really hyper enthusiastic counselors. I realized that what they were all wearing on their heads were Lamp Shades. The counselor had the biggest one and it had fuzzy bobbles hanging off of it. When she got to the door of the bus she saluted me and started saying something in a really excited, dramatic way and then bowed. I didn't say anything to her, I just got up and walked past her and went into the school to try and find a water bottle.

I don't remember any more of the dream which I'm really bummed about because I know there were more interaction with the counselor. I just remember all the while I was really annoyed and looking for a water bottle. You can't go on a field trip without a water bottle!!!


Reem Tara said...

OH MY GOD. This is amazing. You KNOW it was the drama counselor who bowed. Who the eff else would BOW???

And lampshades on everybody's heads? WOOOOOO PARTY!!!!!!!


Tara said...

haha! totally! i knew you'd love this one. i love how annoyed i was in the dream, cuz if i had to work at a summer camp again i would be awful! basically like in the dream, just reading magazine! the only thing that could have made this dream better is if you made an appearance!