Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Ghosts

I have to preface this dream a little to make it make more sense. Last year my cousin Dick passed away from lung cancer, he was 44. He has a daughter Heather in her 20's who has a son who is about 1 1/2. Since my cousin passed away I have had a lot of really strange and cryptic dreams where he appears.

I had a dream that my whole immediate family was in a car. We pulled into the driveway of what appeared to be my Aunt house in Iowa, she came up to the car and said something to my mom in the passenger seat and then we all said goodbye. She said she missed us and there was an awkward silence where I thought she was saying something to me and I should have responded. We started to pull away from the house and I was upset we didn’t get to see everyone else in the family. Somehow I knew that the rest of my extended family was inside. I thought they might be upset that we didn’t go inside to see everyone. We started driving away and drove by/through a living room where a bunch of my extended family was hanging out. My cousin Heather was on the carpet with her baby. I jumped out of the car because I wanted to see them. My parents kept driving away and left. I went to the carpet with Heather and then my parents called from the car and said they were too far away to turn around and get me, even though they had just left. I was worried about how I was going to get back home to Wisconsin. I thought it was weird that they didn’t wait for me or just stay and see the family. Then everyone started getting ready for church because it happened to be Easter Sunday. This was strange to me because my family has never gone to church on Easter. People in my family started coming down the big winding staircase in the living room. They were all dressed up and would walk down the stairs and then out the front door and outside. I turned around and saw that my mom was there and all dressed up. She said they decided to stay. I turned back around to look at the staircase again. My cousin Dick came walking down the stairs fixing his tie. He looked about 20 years younger. He had fluffy hair, a big mustache and a 80's style suit on- powder blue with ruffles. He also had cowboy boots on with a big heel. I was surprised he was there and was about to start telling people he was there but stopped myself for some reason. I watched him as he walked down the stairs and I stared at his boots as he walked across the living room floor. As I was watching his boots click on the floor I realized that he wasn’t actually there, he was just a ghost. I was glad I didn’t start telling people he was there because I would have made them upset or they would have thought I was crazy. I walked to the window to look for him outside.

When I woke up I realized that the version of my cousin Dick I was seeing was from pictures I've seen of him from when he was younger. I think the outfit he was wearing in my dream is similar to his wedding tux from his first marriage, it was aqua with ruffles!


Reem Tara said...

This kind of dream is so crazy when the person is so real and then they're not.

Sara Ashes said...

I love it- it's like he visited you.

Tara said...

Sara you put into words what I've been trying to figure out! I've been having dreams like this since he passed away and couldn't figure out why they felt so haunting other than the obvious- that he wasn't alive. But it is like he visited me. In all of the dreams I am either the only one who can see him or the only one who knows he's a ghost.