Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saving the Whale

I dreamed that I was in school in Russia. I was in writing class but really it was a science class and it was taught by my high school AP Art teacher Mr. Chruscinski. As a lesson he made us play a real life video game which involved me and two other girls on a team on a ship and we had to shoot guns and throw grenades at an attacking submarine. There were evil women on the submarine that were trying to steal all the whale sharks from the ocean.

Then, instead of being on the ledge of the ship shooting and throwing grenades, we were in the wild rocky ocean. The ship we had been on started dumping garbage into the ocean- huge bags of it, dirty diapers, empty boxes, nasty - and we had to swim hard to avoid being hit by it. Mr. Chruscinski proclaimed "Goddamn dirty Brits!!!" One of the girls on my team also looked at me and yelled "Goddamn Brits!"

The next thing I knew I was back inside the ship and freshly showered and wearing pink corduroys. I then found a beautiful ruby necklace and a pair of salt shakers that looked like globes.


Reem Tara said...

Thanks for writing this, ya dirty Brit! Welcome to AMERICA.

Sara Ashes said...

do you remember Mr. C btw? what an ass that man was!!