Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In a Different Country with Glass.

My dreams are hardly ever funny, usually just odd.  I think this one is just odd. Maybe a little funny, I dunno, you tell me. 
I dreamt that I was with my co-worker in another country.  She is a very "well traveled" lady and, though I wasn't sure, I had the feeling that we were in Greece.  
So, we're driving down this unpaved gravel road that is next to a sort of a coastline.  And I only say it's a "sort of" coastline because every now and then it looks more like the landscape of an alien planet rather than the earth.  
As we drive down this road something feels strange and I don't know exactly what at first, but then I realize that my co-worker is driving along this coastline entirely in REVERSE.  I question her about it because, you know, I'm scared that we might crash and she says "No, no, no, this is how they do it here" but I continue to question her because as she's driving in REVERSE she is also not watching where she is going.  She's looking straight ahead but the car is going backwards. She then says "I've been here so many times, trust me this is how they drive here". 
So, I decide to relax because, after all, she wasn't crashing into anything and she did seem to know what she was doing.  I was still a little nervous though and kept turning around to see where we were going.  
Then I look out the window at the coastline.  It was a very rocky coastline; one that was made up of shells and rocks and sometimes really tall pointy rock formations. The tall pointy rock formations made me feel like I was on an alien planet.   You could see the water, which wasn't particularly pretty, it was more dark and rather still.  Although every now and then a small wave would crash up onto the rocks.  There was also all this really beautiful sea glass on the coast line that was reflecting the sun.  There were various colors, a light sea green color, a shiny translucent color.  They were all very pretty.  
Then suddenly the coastline would change.  The bed of the lake, or whatever kind of body of water it was, would be completely dry.  I mean, there would be no water at all.  Just all these ugly crumbly rocks and everything looked kind of dirty.  And then there would be no sea glass, just a bunch of brown and green broken beer bottles.  
So, that's what I got at the end of my dream.  An empty lake bed littered with a bunch of broken Rolling Rock and Leinenkuegel bottles.  

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