Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dogs and Robbers

I had a dream that I was riding in the back of a pick up truck down the street, I think I was with Nick and Tom in the back and two men were driving the truck. I noticed a stray dog was running around in a yard so I called to it. It came running over and started chasing the car. I told whoever was driving to pull over so we could let the dog in, so we pulled over and the dog hopped in. He was a really big dog, maybe a husky. I went over to check his collar for a name and number. His name was Olie and he had a phone number to call. As we were driving around I called the number, but it went straight to voicemail. It was really annoying because the outgoing message was insanely long. The woman leaving it just kept talking and talking and it didn’t even sound like a regular message, but like she was telling a story or just rambling on the machine. I finally got to the end of the message and didn’t know what to say anymore, so I just told the woman that I found her dog and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to it. I didn’t even say who I was or leave a number.

When I got off the phone we stopped in a park and I put Olie on a leash and walked him around. He was a really hyper dog, jumping around a lot and wanting to run. But I didn’t want to let him off his leash because I was afraid he’d get hurt. Standing in the park the people who were driving the truck came over to talk to me. There was a tall man and a short man in long brown jackets. They were upset that I had the dog because we were on our way to go rob a bank. I was apparently not supposed to be a part of it anyway, but because I was with them they would know I was connected. They said it would be more obvious with this dog now. They had me call the woman again and this time she picked up and said she would come down to get the dog.

Suddenly the woman and her husband appeared with their toddler. They were standing like they were posing for a picture off in the distance. The two men I was with were stunned by who they were. I didn’t recognize them, but the woman’s hair was blowing in the wind and she was making a model face, kind of puckering her lips. They came over to me like they were sliding across the ground. The woman took the dog from me. I was upset because they didn’t even thank me and seemed annoyed that they had the dog back. I was sad because I felt like they let the dog go on purpose and I should have just kept him. The two men I was with reminded me that my lease agreement said I could only have one dog, the one I already have. They came over and showed me the lease. I read over the part about pets and sighed and watched them walk away with the dog. I thought, I even gave them that leash and they didn’t say thank you.

Then all of a sudden we were all sitting in a living room and the two men came in and turned the TV on to the news. Apparently they had robbed the bank and wanted to watch the aftermath on the news. The two men now appeared to be the male robbers from Home Alone, one tall, one short and in long coats. They turned the TV on and it was a camera fixed on a house, I thought it was my parents house and was nervous they would get in a trouble. Suddenly people on the TV starting running by the camera like there was a huge commotion. In the distance Jackie, from Rosanne, came running into the frame with a blond wig on. She was wearing tight aqua colored jeans and a white shirt with pink stripes that had shoulder pads in it. She ran up to the camera and started yelling into it that whoever did this would not get away with it! I turned to look at the two men and they were just laughing.

I think this dream was much longer, but I think this is when my alarm went on and I started hitting snooze so it gets all fuzzy from here. I think Jackie was started saying more into the camera, but I don’t remember what!


Reem Tara said...

Oh my god, this is SUCH a dream. You know? Like, the guest stars. Hilarious.

Tara said...

I know! I have no idea why it was those guest stars! But the part about the dog is totally because we just signed a lease that says we are only allowed to have our one dog and I've been obsessed with picking out a little brother for Pepper!