Friday, July 11, 2008


I had this dream last night . . .

I was in the kitchen cleaning and I was worried because it was getting late and Tom wasn't home yet. The sun went down and he still wasn't home. My friend Erica appeared and tried to console me. I decided to look around the house for him. I walked into the living room and saw him sitting on the couch naked. On the floor of the living room there was a man and a woman having sex. I immediately shut the door and went back to the kitchen to tell Erica what I had seen. I guess she tried to reassure me because she started to talk about her problems with her girlfriend. She said her girlfriend suffered from "Gymnastics induced Narcolepsy." In the dream I pictured her falling asleep while in the middle of a summersault, but she said it was more serious than that because it meant they had trouble having sex.

This is all I remember. Gymnastics induced Narcolepsy!


Reem Tara said...

HAHAHA! This and the previous one kind of go hand in hand.

Tara said...

oh weird, they are similar. I just love that you can make up words in a dream like that.